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The object of this understood it will be, the study of the operating costs of the processes of supply that is of those costs that a company must support in order to acquire the necessary material to its activity.
The costs are independent from the value of the good, that is are that it comes acquired a simple life that an entire machinery, the costs in order to move the entire bureaucratic machine will be the same ones.

2.1 Total cost of the goods.

For total cost the summary one of the logistic costs and those accessories agrees, of the costs of the structures, the management of the purchases and the price of the goods.
The logistic costs are those costs legacies to the coordination and the physical movement of persons and goodses, from the moment of the delivery to that one of their employment.
The costs accessories, are all those secondary costs to the purchase of the goods; insurance expenses, customs expenses, those of I pack some are an example.

Fig. 2.1: The composition of the total cost of an acquired good. [ Unitec GmbH, 2000 ]

In the total cost of a goods the costs of physical infrastructures must be considered also.
A voice particularly important is sure the held cost of a warehouse, where that is the stocks of the goodses happens.
Such cost obviously will be legacy to the number and to the particularitities of the assets it acquires to you.
It is obvious that such expense will vary to second of the type of company: a warehouse constructed for 3,000 stocks separated ones of motor witness, will demand characteristics and various dimensions from that one in which perishable alimentary games are conserved.
Finally of great importance it turns out the voice of the all and all that is operating costs of the supplies, the procedures the apt organizational structures to procure and managing supplyings of the necessary assets to the enterprise.
Expenses of the staff of every been involved unit, expenses of the communications and the costs of the systems informed to you re-enter you inner.
For price of the goods, one agrees, obviously, the value of purchase of the goods.


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