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2.2 The management of the supplies: introduction.

The objective of the surveys carries out near the enterprise champion to you has been twofold.
It is intentional in the first place to comprise and to analyze to bottom inner organizational dynamics that comes put in motion in order to manage the supplies, putting some in evidence the flows informed to you and defining the time amount that normally turns out necessary in order to manage supplyings.
Subsequently they are intentional to quantify the obtainable hypothetical reductions of time for the same activities of the same units with the adoption of the instrument of the integrated supply.
The business agencies of the enterprise, been involved in the process of management of supplyings are reveal to you to be four: logistic unit, trades them that administrative and that one of the telephone exchange - secretariat.
Such aim has been taken in consideration only that type of supplies, strategic and not, for which every agency has to disposition a sure autonomy of chosen and budget without that there is some necessity to be involved the direction in order to obtain particular authorizations as an example.
The time and the procedures of the agencies of time in time analyze to you, have had to object not only the typical activities and the more common interferences (disorganization of the procedures, not respected delivery dates), but also that type of interferences that manifest cross-sectionally to the operating subjects in the enterprise, in how much tied to errors or problems connected to use of the job instruments (problems of PC, fax, errors of the staff).
It turns out brought back in this understood it to you, because of infinite the variable ones that they can differentiate an enterprise from an other, do not have the pretension of being consider you perfectly extension to the truth of all the enterprises, neither the made projections must be considered precise to the second, in how much the objective of such search is of being simply a testimony and an absolutely indicative demonstration, but realistic, of how much the integrated supply can record positively in the management of supplyings.


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