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1.12.3 Location of the political for class.

From the analysis of the distribution of the purchases to the inside of the matrix the more suitable political can be drawn considerations of general and more specific type for class and be characterized in order to improve the management of the purchases.
In the brought back table under the peculiar characteristics of the single quadrants can be observed.

Fig. 1.6 Matrix of Kraljic Importance - reperire.

Between the four quadrants that one to which the integrated supply it is addressed is that one distinguished from letter C: low importance - high reperire.

Quadrant c: low importance - high reperire.

This is the quadrant of the purchases not critic to us.
The contractual horizon is usually of short-medium term and the acquaintance of the suppliers is normally deriving from the history and/or from she catalogues more than from the directed appraisal, normally not carried out.
The main objective is to guarantee an feeding chain and is for that there is a precise control of the times of supply in order to avoid stock breaches.
Draft usually of pieces from the modest value that the companies, in order to catch up an efficiency works them, has decided to entrust to a limited number of provider that supplyngs all the materials, even if of various Marches.

1.13 Motivations to the base of the integrated supply.

Sure the more important between the reasons of tactical character that they induce to resort to the integrated supply is tied to the necessity to reduce or at least to hold under control the increase of the supplying costs.
Thanks to the economies of scale, than alone the single company could not carry ahead, and to other advantages connected with the specialization of the provider, the company will be able to obtain of the more convenient prices, without to have but consumed own resources.
Moreover, enterprises that they try to carry out all the functions in just, can incur in excessive expenses and unexpected of search, development and management of the numerous relationships with the suppliers and such expenses they will have necessarily to be transferred on the final customer under shape of price increases that render the products of the enterprise less attractive on the market.
From a recent surveying it turns out that very 75 % of the machinery adopt to you in the Italian companies are of German origin, in the case therefore of substitution of some part, the enterprise could resort to the integrated supply, because it does not possess to the just inner necessary resources in terms of specific professional abilities for dealing with foreign suppliers, and entrusting itself to a provider with experience with the foreign country will have of the advantages and no waste of money.
The staff assigned to the purchases will have therefore the possibility to concentrate itself on those purchases considers you strategic not worry of the others more.


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