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2.5.1 Found interferences in the emissions of demand for supplying: 1 phase.

Draft of banal and common problems, to which not from excessive weight, but that they sure provoke to an elevated dispersion of time and resources.
As far as the shipment of fax usually the such activities it is carried out through the fax manual, than unfortunately ago to lose much time to the staff, since can happen that the fax of who it must receive is occupied or that lacks the paper and must put it or there are problems of net and therefore via.
You they can also be problems legacies to momentary overloads of the system that determine slow down in approaching the wished pages.
Understood when more operating they are have using of in the same moment and like it can be imagined, draft of a problem that regards all the units indifferently; obviously the unit trades them, using it mainly in the phase of management of the supplies, from the surveys carries out to you, turns out suffer more, as an example, of the logistic unit.
Beside the interferences tied to I use of the job instruments, others exist some that can rise anytime and that they are tied to errors of the staff.
It can happen in fact that the assigned to the warehouse in introducing the codes gives in system mistakes to you obligating it to proceed to the insertion of one new series of codes or name to you.
Moreover they have been added approximately 10 minuteren to the day like employed time in order river-to previously already arrange the necks in warehouse in the case in which ulterior servant space for one new delivery, and becomes therefore a rearrangement of the disposition of the necks necessary.

2.6 Management demanded of estimates.

B-12. Shipment demanded of offer the suppliers.
The demand after to have been prepared and signed from who of competence, it comes sended via fax to the suppliers who have been judges to you suitable.
Also in this phase they can be taken place of the delays which had to I use of the fax, legacies always to taking the line, the wait of attended successive logon and of confirmation of the reception.

B-15. Prompt suppliers in order to obtain the estimates.
To the aim to render the supplying process more the possible express, it is necessary to have of the times of answer from part of the suppliers, much short.
For this reason, once sended the demands for estimate, if answer has not been still obtained, after a determined period of time, he begins himself to speed up the suppliers to send it.
It has been calculated that that involves a spend of time, for the unit trades them, equal to approximately three hours and means to the week.
Such prompt he happens before for mail then for fax and finally if he still does not have himself obtained answer the supplier contacts itself directly.

2.6.1 Found interferences in the demanded management of estimate: 2 phase.

Also for this phase the main problems are legacies to use of the fax, since having to wait for every turns some minute in order to assess that the gone shipment to good aim is made to slow down the activities since such instrument is characterized from the fact to send documents slowly and with many difficulties.


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