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2.5 Emissions demanded of supplying.

A-1. Verification supplying necessity.
The necessity of supplying of the productive units, turns out from gives you of the system through which the enterprise is managed: in it in fact they are brought back is the optimal levels of supply that those effectively available ones is of the raw materials and the semifinished ones for the production, is of the goodses of type B and C (low cost not strategic 19 . Daily in fact they come carries out five verifications to you from the assigned's to the logistic unit of the present levels of goods in warehouse.

A-2 and 3. Access to the system, compilation and shipment of the communication approximately the necessity to the responsible of the agency.
After to have carried out one of the five every day controls, if the warehouseman had to state that the amount of a material has caught up by now nearly the emergency supply, after to have verified also the amount that is brought back in system, it will send one communication to the competence agency.
The detailed demand will have obviously to be a lot, since the person of the office purchases that for last the demand will receive, not being a technician, will not have the competences for being able alone to elaborate such document in correct and precise way.
Therefore beyond to the amount, the warehouseman will have to indicate technical characteristics, indicating also all the codes in its possession.

To 4. Verification and demanded approval, I forward to the office acquires.
Above all if draft of a large enterprise of dimensions, the bureaucratic procedure allonge, like in the case from we considered.
As the warehouseman can itself be observed from the table in fact directly does not send its demand to the office acquires, but the demands come made join in the specialistic agency for that material.
Will be therefore one for the material electrical workers for those mechanics and therefore to second of the nature of the good, the warehouseman will send its demand to a various agency.
Such agency therefore after to have controlled such demand it sendes it to the office acquires, than in its turn it will turn the competent supplier.

A-5. Reception and appraisal of the demands.
All the demands for supplying come therefore sended to the assigned of the unit trade them.
It could seem that such persons carry out a pure executory secondary job, that is to send simply the already ready demands to the suppliers.
Such unit has instead one function key: the assigned have in fact the task to connect and to manage in the time the relationships that is trades them in the productive row to mount with the suppliers and to they with the customers goes.
In short she can be defined like the center of promotion and management of the transactions, let alone the interface of the enterprise in the relations that are established with external subjects.
Just for the reasons as soon as cited, the unit trades them she always finds to the center of the exchanges of information with all the other units.
After to have received such demands, the assigned control they give to you in brought back they and verify if there is an adapted cover of budget.
Like whichever company, also the company champion needs of an immense range of material, comes searches articles to you in the archives ERP.
During this control in system the operator will understand if draft of material already previously acquired or if is before the time that such necessity verification:

A-8. Formalize of the demand for offer.
After to have therefore searched the supplier and the article in system, the demand comes printed publication and signed from the persons of competence for that material after which the demand for estimate comes sended to all the suitable suppliers for that type of supply.
In order to carry out the activities the assigned's have need at least 08h 20' 40 "to the week in order to elaborate and to send, in average, 50 demands for estimate to week 20 .

To 9. Prompt of the logistic unit to the office he acquires.
In the case in which the supplyes in warehouse they continue to come down and the office he acquires has still not made to know null with respect to the agency preplace, the assigned to the warehouse will emit a communication of prompt in the comparisons of the trade commission them.
First the prompt one will come made via mail, subsequently via fax and if some day has not been still obtained an answer will be sped up by telephone.


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