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2.7 Management of the offered ones.

D -18, Reception of the estimates.
Once receipts the estimates wish to you, these come record - so as to hold modernized the archives to you of they give to you - and confront to you are with the previous estimates that with all the estimates of the other concurrent suppliers.
This always does not succeed for all articles; generally for the products already it acquires other times to you is entrusted to us to the supplying usuals, less than negative mutations in the purchase conditions are not noticed - in the verifications with previous estimates -, the that case address new suppliers to us, that they can offer better conditions.
The result is that to forehead of approximately 10 every day estimates, approximately 7 is the orders effectively demands.
This type of operations needs approximately 04h 36' 05 "weeklies magazine.

D-23. Contact with the suppliers in order to negotiate the received estimate.
A lot often is tried to improve of the conditions interacting directly with the supplier.
Draft for the greater part to be attempted to obtain or ulterior reductions in price, or to anticipate the date of the delivery and generally the conversations happen through the telephone.
Be a matter itself of negotiations that happen rather frequently - for 10 estimates receipts, in 6 cases the supplier contacts itself -, the time that personal you dedication every week therefore is elevated: very 3 hours and 9 minuteren.

D-27. Selection of the offer.
After the recording and to have taken contact with the suppliers in order to obtain better terms of sale, the various estimates come compare to you between they and will come chosen which to parity of quality and times of delivery have a smaller cost.

D-30. Technical appraisal of the offer and shipment approval.
The office acquires obviously will have been able to estimate the offer only from the economic point of view, for which the received offer it comes sended in copy to the technical office, to the aim to estimate if the offered product possesses the same technical characteristics of the demanded material.
It could succeed but that the sun information brought back in table is not sufficient to determine that for which the technician it will ask or directly to the supplier or passing for the office it acquires of the cards or give to you technical for being able to be sure of the material that they are acquiring.

2.7.1 Found interferences in the management of the offered ones: 3 phase.

It can happened that between the numerous reached estimates, they figure some in which give you of the type or of the amount of goods or the delivery date they are wrong.
In these cases they come immediately contacts you the suppliers to the aim to correct the emerged errors.
In the greater part of the cases draft of banal errors that, not involving meant changes to you of the terms of proposed supply, is sufficient to directly replace the wrong information in the system, without that there is necessity of the shipment of a new estimate.
More very rarely draft than errors that instead of it change the ends.
In this case it comes express demanded the elaboration and the shipment of a new estimate.
The time found medium weekly magazine for these operations is of 22 minuteren approximately.


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