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2.3 The management of the supplies: the surveys.

The surveys you execute yourself are relatively bases on supplies of type "standard to you" to the business activity, that is for which every agency has to disposition a sure autonomy of chosen and budget without that there is some necessity to be involved the direction in order to obtain detailed lists authorizations.
In order to delimit the field of action of such surveying, therefore they have not been included that type of supplies for which specific processes of approval from part of the direction are necessary, in how much exceeding the normal activity, relatively to the which every business agency can act with one sure autonomy.
In order to render the most possible surveying close to the business truth they have been taken in consideration is the true and own activities - those, that is that, in short, they represent the nucleus of the carried out activities -, than the interferences directly connected to the activity, than those "cross-sectional ones", than are taken place, that is, independently from the carried out activity since tied to the organizational structure or the instruments through which work.
Table 2.2. brought back in the following page, comes brought back all the every day movements you to supplyings of raw materials, semifinished, finished products and exchanges again, that it represents the base on which they have been then calculates the medium times to you for unit. As it can easy be observed, the company champion days demands and receives approximately 10 offering of price from its suppliers, of which only 7 they will come then but changed in order.
This scostamento of values between the number of estimates and orders, derives from the necessity for the enterprise to verify and to skim best offered the obtainable ones.
The consideration that exsternalization the management of supplyings, entrusting it to a provider external, the values indicates to you in table would be reduced to 1, with the easy imaginable consequences turns out immediate on the direct costs and indirect and the efficiency of the enterprise that that would involve.

Tab 2.2: Every day medium Movimentazione in the cycle of supplyings.

In table 2.3 they have been instead found the medium frequencies and the type of means uses you from the enterprise in the supplying processes.
Of particular interest, it turns out the insufficient use of the Internet technologies for the communications with suppliers (email, fax automatic rifle).
It can be observed in fact that the company in order to send the own demands for offer has used the fax mainly manual, although is equipped of a system software for the management "paperless" of the enterprise.
This makes to think that perhaps the supply chain in which the enterprise in issue finds to operate, enough is not integrated commercially, for which it I use of systems software for the connections with the suppliers, sufficiently does not turn out developed.
To manage the passage of the information through traditional systems like the telephone, fax and the mail, turns out more expensive than how much it could be if technologies to the vanguard like Internet were used, since will have are one lessening of the direct costs, than faster and sure a passage of information, smaller interferences and paper material minor to manage.
A lot probably such instrument will come mainly used in the case in which the bill in parliament of giving to the email the same value of a registered letter, it will come approved of.

Tab. 2.3: The mass media use you in a medium every day cycle of supplies from the enterprise.


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