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1.8 The integrated supply.

The supply represents an aspect a lot important of the business economic cycle.
Often it comes centered the attention nearly exclusively on the prices of the goods dulls to you with the suppliers, not considering, or underrating, the amount of resources of the enterprise that come "burnt" during a whichever process of supply and that they are many more than how much can be imagined.
Till now in fact attention is not particular mail, to the costs that gush making to move the entire bureaucratic machine. Every time, in fact, than a business agency it comes activated for a whichever reason, generate costs, in particolar way then if they are taken place of the interferences, which can also carry to make the same procedure more times.
Putting in relation these considerations with how much said on purpose of the number of agencies that are been involved in a supplying procedure, it would have to turn out obvious rather that, in order to correctly estimate the cost of the supply process, it is not possible to limit the own considerations to the single price that appears in the invoice sended from the supplier.
The total cost of the acquired product is composed from numerous voices and the price can be also much inferior regarding its amount.
In particular, that is worth for those products defined "not strategic" for an enterprise - in how much directly does not employ you in the relating activities Core business of the enterprise - but that to the same one they turn out indispensable, like as an example the reciprocations or some types of supplyes. In such case, in order to diminish cost of supply, rather than to head at price - for which the margin of eventual reductions appears indeed limited -, it convene to concentrate itself on the reduction of the other voices that of it compose the total cost: it is exactly what it happens with the integrated supply of supplyings.
Online of principle draft of a system that allows of join the many small demanded of supply of the enterprise customer towards a company that is taken care of integrated supply, which will take care of all the procedures and operations necessary in order to make to reach the goodses wished at the wished moment and with an only document, coming from from the given over company to the integrated supply.
From a part, therefore, the costs of every supply from n. are reduced to 1, from the other part allow to the company, offering the supply, to gain just the margin to "cost zero" for the customer.
With the integrated supply, the companies have the business processes insides a lot become simpler to you, avoid inner the procedural interferences and external, they can transform the fixed costs in variable proportion them to the requirements of the moment.
The integrated supply is been born in order to manage in particolar way supplyings considers you not strategic for the enterprise - assets of wrap B and C, low cost not strategic in how much their management from part of a provider introduces greater margins of saving.
Draft in kind of assets whose price is relatively casso but whose total cost of purchase particularly turns out elevated. This because the enterprise, for being able to acquire such assets predisposes and assets the same operating structures and of management that would activate for the purchase of assets of primary importance for the enterprise.
In short therefore the purchase of goodses of not strategic type, turns out expensive not a lot for the price, but above all because business resources in purchase activity come "wasted" for which there is a clean disproportion between the value of the acquired good and the cost of the put into effect procedures in order to obtain it.
Moreover be a matter itself usually of little pieces, the company could not put into effect economies of scale in order to reduce the costs.
Also the simple purchase of a bolt can cost from 10 and also until 100 and, depends exactly, from as it comes chosen, on as the estimates, from as it is ordered, from as are controlled happen the transport and from as come stored.
Through the integrated supply several the processes come therefore compact and the costs are reduced to favor of the efficiency.


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