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1.7 Integration of the supplies.

The requirements of the companies as it has been able to understand are modifying: to the search of the better price, imprinted on relationships it trades bases them to you on the contractual force, let alone to the maintenance of possible an elevated number more than supplying alternated to you, to the aim of feeding the competition, the development of chains supplier-customer imprinted to relationships of comakership with a limited number of reliable suppliers on the strategic supplies and the remaining development of a relationship of outsourcing is replaced with an only one provider for supplyings.
To the tendency to take advantage of to the maximum the suppliers, not to accept ties of along term and carrying out purchases for single orders, always placing in competition, to every order, suppliers alternated to you, the informative development of network common and c.d. the open orders is replaced (contracts picture or contracts of supply), in the within of relationships of along term of comakership and outsourcing it orients you to the obtaining of economies on along period.
Online with the analyzed strategic approach, also the role of the dumb supplier radically.
Its main tasks do not consist more in trying than to obtain the price more low to every order, activating the competition between suppliers to the aim to optimize the budget anniversary: it will have, more coherently with the new managerial philosophies, to coordinate and to make to grow the suppliers integrating them in the business system and to optimize the purchases to costs totals on along term.
The duty of "buyer" stretches to become characterized and specialized very less than how much it is not currently.
The role will be, in fact, the much total one and vanished, spacing from the quality, to the technology, the management.
Tendentially it is a destined role to being covered from company pictures that relationship directly with their suppliers (like to the inside of the company, where buyers are not necessary in order to manage the relationships between the units).
The relationship supplier-customer is in fast and substantial evolution. The strategic developments in action in the industrial companies are in fact find on the relationship "vendor-vendee" with own the logical ispiration.
The tendency to reduce the number of the suppliers constitutes an evolution that can be interpreted various keys of reading second.
Before they, that it traces the delineated model, it consists in the necessity to entertain relationships trades them with minor a number of interlocutors, to the aim to establish with they relations it trades them more grips and to reduce the costs of transaction.
The second one, caused diffusing itself of the comakership, originates from the impossibility to make to coexist one such philosophy with the presence of numerous suppliers alternated to you.
The outsourcing of supplyings, position is placed in one alternative regarding the above-mentioned distinction between secondary primary and supplying suppliers.
In the comparisons of comakership it is placed, to the contrary, in one complementary position.
The outsourcing in issue clear distinction between strategic and not strategic suppliers is based in fact on one.
The relationships with first will have necessarily to be maintained from the customer in first person.
The concept of comakership very is suitable to this class of suppliers.
The relationships with the second ones, to the contrary, could completely be delegated to an only one provider, obtaining in such a way the result of being able to speak with an only ulterior "primary supplier".
They drastically reduce therefore the number of the suppliers, but obviously it will not reduce neither the number of suppliers neither the quantitative one of assets deals to you, since such assets will be try to you and managed from the provide, allowing to the company of partnership with an only subject, that it will carry to one substantial reduction of the information to manage.
One of the possible solutions that the Unitec offers to its customers is that one of the integrated supply.
That an only one provider that it is replaced to the myriad of suppliers of class B and C, that better management will allow like illustrated in the following pages one than such supplies.


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