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1.9 Evolution of the relationship with the suppliers.

An evolution in the relationships with the suppliers is found in the last years: from a vision of the supplier meant like a "adversary pressure" with the main objective of the minimal possible price to a seen supplier as a "partner with which collaborating" in order to try the optimization of the total system "customer - supplying".
This evolution has placed to the center of the attention the supplier, transforming it in an element base for the attainment of the competitive advantage and for this reason it is necessary to establish relationships of mutual confidence, to characterize the collaboration areas and to define contracts that can guarantee to both the maintenance of the competitiveness in the time.
The immediate consequences of this new vision are:

From the point of view of the tipology of the supply relationships, classes are gone shaping three "bands" of reference (), in function of the degree of development of the comakership18.
Premised that in a departure situation, the suppliers, place all in III the class, draft to decide itself with who of they to carry itself at first in class II and then in class I.
Obviously, in advance situations they exist always supplying in class III and II, and that is in function of the ability to supplying a company to influence just the park, is for considerations of opportunity (also economic) tied to an ABC analysis of just the park.

1.9.1 "normal" supplier

The company customer characterizes on the market all the possible suppliers on the base of minimal qualitative detailed lists acceptable, that is characterized and then judges suitable for the supply, choosing those to you that can guarantee the inferior prices.
Suppliers manage 2-3 at the same time are for being able to have sources alternatives are for being able to put in competition on the price the various suppliers.
Moreover they do not communicate themselves give to you on the requirementses previewed for the future one of it much less gives guarantees to the supplier approximately the future supplies.
If it is only made and in order to exercise one sure psychological pressure.
Such supplies are guaranteed moreover like quality solo through the company of a contract with eventual penitentiaries; the possibility to only carry out statistical samplings or quite "free-pass" is risks assumed unilaterally from the company customer on the base of gives to you historical or of low critic of the member in game.
Finally, the supplier has been only estimated on its output and therefore risks connected to not the acquaintance exist of as it can guarantee in the time such performances.
How much is not known the processes of the supplier is to "risk" as far as guarantee of quality and ability to answer to the changes in the programs.
And it is for all these reasons that are necessary to tutelarsi through emergency supplyes on such materials.

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