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1.12 Analysis of the pocketbook acquires.

The political of purchase, tending in a generalized manner to more and more tightened integration with the market of the supply, imply deep changes in the management of the relationships and the systems of management and economic control of the supplies.
The purchase political will have therefore to be differentiated based on the historical moment lived from the company and to the inner contingencies (type of company, level of maturity of the purchases.) and external (competition, characteristics of the market of the supply.) variable they in the time and strongly employee from the competitive position of the company.
It is not therefore possible to define behavior rules and to fix valid political of purchase in a generalized manner but, in the picture of common ispiration principles, is possible to define of the modalities of analysis of the pocketbook purchases that supply the bases for the construction of a personalized system of supplying management of the park.
The system is articulated in three main elements:

1.12.1 Subdivision of the pocketbook in goods classes.

All the products and services acquire would have to be combine to you to you in goods classes, defined like with of products and services that for their similar in terms of:

They can be considered as with homogenous of purchase demanded to potentially interchanging suppliers and every class it follows common trend evolutionary and it allows to define common logical of management.
The class depends from as the company decides to acquire the product and from as the market of the supply introduces the customer.

1.12.2 Analysis importance - reperire.

In order to characterize the index of critic of a goods class in simple way it is necessary to analyze it two determining ones according to: the relative importance on the turnover of purchase and its reperire on the market.

Beyond determining if a class has high or low reperire it is extremely interesting to estimate the causes of the eventual lowland reperire, for being able to address eventually sets in action corrective.
The main causes can be: market ties, that is oligopolies and monopolies, ties deriving from precise business choices, political ties etc.
A synthetic and practical way in order to represent the pocketbook graphically acquires of a company, therefore like emerged from the analysis importance - reperire, is obtained inserting the goods classes in a matrix to two ways in which the columns they represent the reperire (high - low) and the lines the importance (high - low).
Such table, brought back in Fig. 1,5 comes commonly called "matrix of Kraljic" from the name of who it for first has used like marketing instrument.
it is necessary but to specify that the reperire and the importance can be modified in the time in function of the changes of scene of market and/or inner changes to the company.

Figure. 1.5. Matrix of Kraljic

On the base of these variable ones four article classes can be characterized:


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