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1.11 Suppliers Spot: Law of Pareto.

Every supplying company more possesses a park or little wide one, than in the previous paragraph they have been subdivided in "normal" suppliers, suppliers "integrated" and suppliers "partner".
If we had of forehead a list of suppliers with which a company it collaborates we could observe a prevalence of suppliers calls "normal" who give hour to you in then we call suppliers SPOT: that is those suppliers to which the company one sporadically addresses for assets of reasonable value and not closely legacies to Core business.
In this understood it the attention is placed on the numerical relationship that integrated alloy supplying SPOT and suppliers - partner and of as the integrated supply can become part in such context.
When one is in presence of many elements, of which the necessity is had to estimate of the importance and to classify them based on their weight, the instrument to use is the diagram entitled to the economist Vilfredo Pareto, than in 1897 it demonstrated as in an Italian region only little persons possessed great part of the wealth of all the territory.
For analogy the same Pareto and successes philosophers and economists, declared that in any system (political, economic, social.) the important elements to you to the ends of the behavior of the system are effectively little and that all the others make number.
The principle is the same one of so-called "formulated law 80/20" from J.Juran in 1950, in which it indicated with 80 the "many" and 20 the "little" of the previous law of Pareto.

Figure 1,3 diagram of Pareto.

The diagram of Pareto is the combination of a bar chart and of a curve that allows to estimate to eye blow which is the important elements and of how much they record.
When the curve flatten the elements are themselves little important, when increases we find ourselves of forehead to important elements.
In economic field various examples are possible:

Management as a result of the this consideration understood that it was possible to apply same law also for the field acquires and of how much derived follows:

"20% of the suppliers, power of attorney to the enterprise 80% of the value of supplyings",
Consequently we will have that 80% of the suppliers supply simple a 20% ".

Fig. 1.4: Graphical relationship supplying/purchases.

In the brought back diagram over, we can previously observe explained how much in the "law of Pareto", in which it is explained as 20% of the total supplying very supply 80% of the total of how much come acquired.
In order to verify and to confirm such theory it usually comes carried out an analysis intercrossed between the Nr. of suppliers and the turnover and an other between the material code and the turnover.
We will be able to define therefore this percentage of assets, like head physicians for the company and to catalogue them like strategic assets, for which the enterprise it has interest to manage directly.
The other 20% of assets is supplied the highest number of suppliers, very 80% and draft of those assets to low cost and that they are considers you not strategic.
To manage therefore nourished formation of suppliers for the enterprise is translate in large loss of forces and a money.
From said how much one deduces that to the enterprise it convene to concentrate all the resources available on the first group of assets and to entrust the purchase of according to group of assets to companies specialized in integrated supply.
Since it will be just this last one to contact the various suppliers, eventually to try some also of new, and to deliver to the various material to the company petitioner, with a consequent lessening of the costs like will come more ahead explained in the pages.


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