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1.9.2 "integrated" supplier.

The supplier, in this class, will not come put in competition to every necessity of purchase, the conditions of the relationship in fact annually comes reviews on the base of the outcomes of the purchase marketing: when an alternative supplier finds itself interesting does not release the substitution, but he is attempted to recover the integrated supplier helping it to catch up the level of the contender.
The price comes as an example garrisoned from mechanisms automatic us of oscillation (coupling the price to the oscillations of the cost of the raw materials and the job or referring to the average price of that market of supply).
The integrated supplier knows the scope of its supplies and therefore the functions that its products must carry out.
The objective is therefore the guarantee of certification underwrite once for all and of relative documents you that then of fact they constitute only does not cost and bureaucracy.
To forehead of the previous point the supplier assumes all the responsibilities on the consequences of eventual not the conformities of the supplied product.
Also the European Union promotes this principle with its inserted demands for "traceability" in the norm.
Practical one logical free-pass eliminating the controls in entrance with all the economic advantages in terms of supplyes and lead-times.
Eliminated the test necessity, if the context of the relationship is of type JIT, the supplies can approach the production units directly.
When spouse a supplier, it must be an active member of the strategies of the company customer.
The customer has all the interest that the supplier increases its abilities continuously.
More it is small and ago part of induced of the customer more the support will be than advising and managerial type.

1.9.3 Supplying "partner".

The supplying presents in such class contribute to the putting to point of the business common.
An important consideration to make is that nearly always the greater part of the "members" of a plan of the company customer is based and contained technologies of the suppliers.
Well, when a planner designs a product, it succeeds in to predefine also the technologies that will have to use the supplier, demand of fact a member already defined.
To part the impossibility from part of these planners to know all the technologies of the suppliers, tasks which opportunities of cost or function they forgiveness when they are not involved the true acquaintance of such technologies.
To be involved the suppliers in the planning constitutes a competitive advantage sure: in our companies, but, this it represents a cultural evolution not easy to obtain.
it is clearly that this integration on the product can be come true single with a limited number of suppliers on which is proceeded to a careful analysis and appraisal.
it is necessary with regard to reaching to strategic agreements between the directions of the two parts.
The practiced and advised approach more is however that one to develop to planning abilities to "systems" to the inside of the company customer, remitting to the suppliers the development of the members.
it is one logical from "engineering society".
All said how much for the planning of the products is worth also for all the aspects of the business that they join the companies, and therefore strategies, markets, arranges, resources.

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