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1.4 It is made of the business strategy of purchase.

1 phase: analysis of the supply atmosphere.
Every field is the result of the equilibrium between various competitive forces that act on prices, costs and investments whose change determines in the time the profit of the field. The competition in a field stretches to carry the rate of return of the understood one invested them towards a rate limit, defined from the conditions of perfect competition.
The enterprises in order to turn out competitive and not to risk to exit from the market, will have to try to have rendering not inferior to this threshold limit, also who invests in a field not inferior chip ax rendering, from the moment that has the possibility to invest in other fields.

The Porter economist characterizes five competitive factors that demonstrate as the competition of a field goes beyond the behavior of single the concurrent ones.
Rivality between the enterprises, the contenders, the customers, the suppliers, the possible substitutive products and the income of new upgrades them contenders determines in fact the intensity of the competition.
The attraction of the closely tied field is therefore to the profit that is the fruit of the evolution in the time of the force ratios of the propose factors under in detail.

2 phase: opportunity and risk analysis.
One of the methodologies currently more diffuse for the appraisal of fields and phenomena is analysis SWOT 9 .
The field or the conditions appraisal object, in fact, must be deepening studies you to the aim to bring to light all their characteristics, structural and conjunctural, and to evidence eventual relations and synergies with other proposals and situations.
In order to make that he is not sufficient to know in the detail the specific topic but the full acquaintance of the context to the inside becomes necessary of which this is placed.
Once collections all the information that are thought are necessary for the definition of a picture, possible the most complete how much, of the specific topic and the context to the inside of which this is placed, it is possible to proceed to the appraisal.
Through analysis SWOT it is possible to evidence the points of force and weakness to the aim to make to emerge those that they come thought able to favor, or to hinder or to delay, the pursue of determines to you objects to you.
More specifically in analysis SWOT endogenous and exogenous factors are distinguished.
The customary terminology distinguishes the endogenous factors between force points and points of weakness and those exogenous between opportunity and risks. Between first all are considered those variable ones that make part integrating of the same system, on which are possible to take part in order to pursue object to you prefixed.
Between the second ones, instead, variable external to the system that but can condition it are positively that are found negatively.
In this last case it is not possible to take part directly on the phenomenon but it is opportune to predispose control structures that characterize the exogenous agents and of it they analyze the evolution to the aim to prevent the events denied to you and to take advantage of those positi to you.
The possible factors to consider are following: 3 phase: definition of the purchase strategy.
In order to operate effectively in a necessary atmosphere of supply is that the strategy of the purchases strongly is integrated with the business strategy.
Three are the factors that concur to render this grip necessary integration:They have been identified three possible strategies that they vary to varying of the contractual weight that possesses the company in the negotiations trades them. 4 phase: Definition of the procurement.mix. The decisional levers of purchase (procurement mix) derive from the levers of marketing called with 4P (price, product, promotion, destination).
The purchase marketing therefore you transfer the own concepts of the marketing to the purchases, suggesting to define the mix more opportune between:Here of continuation the four will be dealt in the detail levers, as soon as cited:


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