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1.2 Conditions of Supplyings.

Every organization inserts to the inside of an economic cycle, producing goods and services and acquiring from the outside material, goods and services to transform in the production processes or to use to the inside in order to maintain the necessary degree of functionality.
The purchases have an infuence on the economic performances, work them, financial institutions of the organization through four main factors:

They affect the general ability to the enterprise to compete in the economic system in which it operates and therefore the expectation of the organization in the comparisons of the system of supplyings is that they come satisfied three requirement of general character:

1.3 Marketing of purchase.

A new concept that is making in the last years in the field of the purchases is the so-called marketing of purchase wide.
With this term one agrees with of the tending actions obtaining from just arranges of acquisition of the resources such advantages to put the own enterprise in conditions of competitiveness regarding concurrent enterprises 8 .
The transposition of the methodology of definition of the marketing plan to the purchases and comprises the systematic study of the atmosphere of supply of the markets and the products and the suppliers.
Draft of with of structured activity, not occasional, of iteractiv nature, that it has for object the monitoring of the supplying markets.
The purchase marketing at least second influences the maintenance of relations evolving with the suppliers two various modalities:

The purchase marketing takes therefore the input from the business strategy and proceeds to the definition and performance of the purchase strategy, articulating itself in 4 sequence steps:
  1. Analysis of the supply atmosphere.
  2. Opportunity and risk analysis.
  3. Definitions of the purchase strategies.
  4. Definition of the procurement.mix.
The first phase concerns the analysis acclimatizes them, to the aim to characterize the opportunities and the risks legacies to the interaction with the market of the supply; this phase turns out to be preliminary to the appraisal of the options of purchase strategy, also in optical of appraisal of make or buy.
The formulation of such strategy gushes from the coherent combination of the mix of decisional levers (produced, price, sources and relations).


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