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In this first one understood it, on the base of they give exposed, is attempted to you previously to estimate the consequences, in terms of operating time, that it would involve for the enterprise champion, tightening an agreement of supply integrated with Unitec GmbH, as far as supplyings of "non-production goods" and sporadic assets.
In spite of everything, they are finds but values to you of advanced total interferences to 40%, than therefore the activity of the company slows down.
As first consequence the enliven trades them every day from the enterprise they would change like exposed in table 4.1.

Tab. 4.1: Every day enliven of the enterprise if it adopted the system of integrated supply.

Draft of a radical change: all the enliven found to the week for every voice, are reduced to one. This verification, why the managerial, administrative procedures and of control of the relationships trade them towards the suppliers have been transferred to Unitec. The only subject with which the enterprise will have to interact for own supplyings of "non-production goods" becomes, therefore, Unitec GmbH.
In table 4,2 they come instead put in evidence the every day frequencies of I use of the mass media employs you for supplyings after the resource to the integrated supply.
Confronting such table with that one brought back in the understood one them previous, a high reduction of these can be noticed.
For how much it concerns the fax, it is handbook that automatic rifle, for the supply procedures does not come used: the shipment of the demands for supply and the orders and the reception of the Unitec offer happen hour via Internet.
The mail in arrival is relative only to a confirmation of coming from order from Unitec, but will not be more the enterprise to having to demand estimates to every supplier, but Unitec that will search the most competition to you, will estimate the received offered ones, composing an only offer that comes sended to the customer for the definitive approval.

Tab. 4.30: I use mass media after the agreement of supply integrated with Unitec.

The vlf of I use of the mass media, the reduction of the procedures, united to the exploitation of the Internet technologies, allows the enterprise, to limit the times remarkablly to dedicate to the management of the supplies.
Here of continuation they will come analyzes the same units to you whose involvement in the supply processes has been previously described, illustrating of the more important differences.

4.1 Emissions demanded of supplying.

The first micro activities of this first phase will not change since in order to establish the business requirementses of the productive units, they will have to be controlled turns out to you brought back in system through which the enterprise is managed.
Therefore as usual the warehouseman will compile and send the communication approximately the necessity to the responsible of the agency, than he will turn it to who of competence in the office acquires.
And in this phase here that the supply door of the advantages meant to you in the management of supplyings.
The main advantage in this phase is not to have to preoccuparsi of having to begin a search of a supplier for a new piece because the demands for material confluiranno all in and will be then Unitec to begin this search and this taken of contact with this new subject.

4.1.1 Possible found interferences in the emissions demanded of supplying: 1 phase.

Also in this case the interferences that interest this first group of activity come drastically reduced; such phenomenon is from leading back above all to the contraction of the number of activities, which exposed the unit to possible errors, beyond that to the aid of technologies that allow to transmit the information in surer and fast way.
Naturally they can be verified of the disadvantages.
It can happen in fact that the demands sended to the provider turn out to be little clear for which this last one needs of a telephone contact in order to ask ulterior information in merit.
The frequency of these contacts can be estimated in 2 times to the week for a total of 14' 52 ", however by far inferior to the same tipology of activity carried out normally that it demanded 3h 09 ' (-92%).

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