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4.2 Management demanded of estimates.

Rather than to have every day to prepare and to send 10 demands for supply via fax, hour the operator will be able to approach the NetSourcing di Unitec in order to demand an only estimate.
Inserted and he sendes give you to you of the demanded goods, Unitec will take care itself to contact the suppliers.
The time employed weekly magazine is of 51' 35 ", the time reduction is equal to 89%.
For how much it concerns the successes to you you speed up by now not will be more various suppliers to contact and next to which asking an offer since this Unitec thinks to us that nel.giro.di some day provvederÓ to the shipment of the estimate for all the materials that the company has demanded.
Such phase is therefore the much fastest one since the estimates to verify are only one.

4.2.1 Possible found interferences in the management demanded of estimates: 2¬ phase.

The interferences diminish less in proportion than not the activities; the reason goes searched in the fact that this type of interferences, also coming curtailed remarkablly, does not come never completely eliminated, however the reference values are many bottoms.
In the first place more interferences tied to the use of the fax are not recorded; in the second place the necessity to use in order little hours the computer, ago to diminish the probability of taking place itself of rallentamenti of the system or problems of software (10' 30 ", -75%).
It is the errors of the staff, united to the dispersions of time in the document search and archiviatori that are not found endured, endure they a decrease.

4.3 Management of the offered ones.

The company therefore will receive a single estimate, that it will come recorded and estimated.
Obviously the company will be able to contact Unitec for having clarifications on eventual terms of delivery and will be able to demand a reduction is of the times that of the price alluding to a reduction in price.
The price of the goods in fact comes recharged from Unitec, in order to cover its costs, of a rather variable amount.
Such margin comes compensated wide is from the reductions of price obtained thanks to the economies of scale on the which Unitec succeeds to make lever near the suppliers is, above all from the reductions of time and the greater efficiencies that the enterprise succeeds to obtain from the integrated supply.
This estimate obviously will follow the bureaucratic procedure before therefore with passage for the approval of the characteristics from part of the technicians.

4.3.1 Found interferences in the management of the offered ones: 3¬ phase

Interferences tied to the computer or the fax can be always verified and are due or legacies to momentary overloads of the system that determine rallentamenti in approaching the wished pages.
Understood when more operating they are have using of in the same moment of shielded containing give to you particularly long and complex.
Like already over pointed out when it is had to disposition various offered it tries to improve of the conditions interacting directly with the supplier.
Draft for the greater part to be attempted to obtain or ulterior reductions in price, or to anticipate the date of the delivery.
Other times the supplier proposes produced alternated to you. Generally the conversations happen through the use of the telephone.
Be a matter itself of negotiations that happen rather frequently - for 10 estimates receipts, in 6 cases the supplier contacts itself -, the time who personal you dedication every week relatively is elevated and however it interferes with the normal business activity making to lose time to the staff.

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