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4.9 Before and after the adoption of the integrated supply: economic appraisal.

As it has been able to understand from the previous paragraph, the supply turns out to be an optimal instrument of management of relative supplyings you to not strategic material, in how much it allows the attache's of the company to dedicate to minor time to the management of such process, being able itself to in this way dedicate to all those activities tied to Core business that they turn out to have strategic character and a greater added value.
Beyond to such comparison, in this paragraph the service of supply integrated offered from Unitec has been calculated to how much piles the saving obtained from the company using and in order to make that needs is of the cost working hours supported from the entrepreneur who of the employed hours in order to carry a.termine supplying managed inner from the attache's.
The first value groups all those costs that an entrepreneur must support for the development of the normal business activity.
It could be thought that in such figure those relative costs re-enter only you to the active management of the staff like wages or salaries and contributions; those direct costs re-enter instead all and indirect that damp in the time allow to you the dependent to carry out their job, which rent of the premises, equipments like computers and fax, but also infrastructures which machinery and tools. Such cost has been calculated and piles to approximately 140 euro to the hour.
According to statistics carried out from the European union such value is however in continuous increase.
For the first trimester of this year it has already only been recorded, in Eurolandia an increment of 2,3 % regarding the same period of 2003.
Light increase also regarding the previous trimester, when the cost of the job had made to record a + 2,2%.
Obviously such varied value from state to state, as an example in the first trimester of the 2004 has recorded a +0.2% for Austria, one 0.5% for the Portugal and +1,5 % in Germany.
In our country, the cost working hours, records an increment of +4.1 %, with one decided increase regarding +0.6% of the first trimester of 2003 and to +2.3% of last the three months of the past year.
After all they give to you over brought back do not want that to confirm that such cost has the tendency to grow with passing of the years.
For how much it concerns the hours dedicated from the attache's of the company in order to find the material lack until obtaining the goods and to pay of the relative invoice piles to approximately 7 hours, such data is given from the summary one of the times brought back in brought back diagram 2.4 in understood it the 2.
In order to obtain therefore the cost total supported from the company in order to carry out supplying it is necessary to carry out the following operation:


Carrying out such calculation, it turns out therefore that to manage such supplying it costs to the company approximately 1015 Euro.
From that of it it derives that for the company it is more convenient to make to manage to Unitec, all those not strategic supplyings, whose value of purchase is not elevated.
To make to move the entire bureaucratic machine above all coast to the company in fact a exorbitant and sproporzionata figure regarding the value and to the importance that such good covers for the company.
The company entrusting to Unitec supplyings will have therefore a double advantage: on one side in fact it will have to pay a service cost more low much than 1015 Euro (thanks to the efficiency of the processes is possible to apply in fact of the reduced margins.) and moreover it will be able to be dedicated to those strategic activities tied Core business.
Having more time, but above all more resources in staff and money in order to carry out them, such activities that will come executed in better and more profitable way for the same company.
After all in this center we can consider the integrated supply an optimal instrument of management of supplyings that allows the companies that use it to render dynamics and above all flexible the company, thanks to the transformation of the supplying costs, once it considers you fixed in adaptable variable costs and therefore to the business volume.

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