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4.8 Before and after the integrated supply: comparison of the times

In this paragraph they come it analyzes to you and it confronts give to you to you collected before and after the adoption of the outsourcing of supplyings in the shape of the integrated supply of Unitec, being based on the surveys it carries out to you in the enterprise and on the esteem elaborated in the previous paragraphs.
The units been involved in the supplying process are four: logistic unit, that one trades them, telephone exchange and administrative unit and l first consequence induced from the integrated supply of Unitec, for all and the four units is sure the clean reduction of the time that the enterprise dedicates to the management of supplyings.
Diagram 4.15 under brought back here is represents the times finds to you in the units of the enterprise champion - in red - and those to you that esteem can be caught up - in blue -.
It will be noticed endured that the unit mainly been involved in the supplying processes remains that one trades them; however, considering the number of assigned for unit, they are the units logistic and administrative that employ more time to the week in operations connected to the supplies.
Draft of a radical change of direction that it induces to conclude that just the unit trades them is what it has found greater giovamento from the integrated supply, allowing a greater saving of time.

Fig. 4.15: Rappresentazione of the times employs every week to you from the dependent of the various units for to the management of the supplies, before - in red - and after - in blue - the integrated supply.

Like test of that enough to that is think that every attached of the unit trades saves more they than 2 hours and 48 minuteren to the day, reducing the connected duties to not strategic supplyings medium of the 87.3%.
That is jointly determined from one strongly reduction of activities (- 87%) and of the relative interferences, that they diminish more than proportionally than very the 95.8%.
As far as the sun connected direct activities to supplyings, he is the attache' to the administrative unit to save more time however if considered in connection with the mount hours total, the lessening is equal nearly 80%.
it is from noticing that the administration, also characterized already in departure from rather low direct interferences, with the integrated supply has succeeded however in reduces the measure of two thirds party.
Also the logistic unit introduces since it seems in controtendenza regarding the other business units; the lessening of the activities, in fact, is equal to 42%, decidedly less decided regarding the other values that vary from 79.5% to 87%.
The reason resides in the relationship between activity and interferences of the agency: contrarily to the other units, in fact, the greater part of the time normally is spold for the equal direct interferences to the 47,5% of the time total - while the true activities and own they occupy, second directly found how much, a reduced time more; such cut involves one reduction clearly greater percentage of the interferences regarding the activities.
The reduction of the cross-sectional interferences, as it can be noticed, turns out relatively less pronounced regarding the activities and to the direct interferences. In nearly all the business agencies these diminish amazingly in homogenous way of approximately an average hour and, with the exception of the unit telephone exchange secretariat, than however, not introducing some type of directed interferences, it is from considering, under this point of view, a case to part.
That is due, at the same time, is to the fact that, in departure, the cross-sectional interferences more low have a value of time regarding the activities and to the directed interferences, is to the fact that they are tied to less sensitive factors that do not come of all eliminate esternalizzando the management to you of the supplies and however to the diminished volume of job.
Reassuming, second they give to you brought back, it can be asserted that in the specific case of the enterprise champion, the introduction of the integrated supply of Unitec would involve in average one reduction of the direct interferences of the 93,8%, of the activities of 81% and of the cross-sectional interferences of the 66,9%, for one reduction of the times totals dedicates you to the relative duties to supplyings around 81%.
In particular, the business agencies that mainly from there would draw advantage would be, in the order, the unit trade them, the unit telephone exchange-secretariat, the administrative unit and that logistic one.
In the first one and the quarter, strong reductions of the directed interferences could be verified above all, in the others two, instead of the activities.
This different behavior depends in great part from the nature of the carried out duties: the unit telephone exchange-secretariat, therefore like the administration, turns out mainly sensitive to varying of the volumes of information deals to you, and in fact, for these agencies, they are the relative reductions of time to the activities to contribute in determining way to the reduction of the times; the logistic unit and that one trade them, instead in average, demonstrate to above all find particular giovamento from the lessening of the direct interferences.

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