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4.6 Reception of the invoice from the supplier.

Even if in smaller measure regarding the others, however also in this phase I use it of the integrated supply has carried its positive effects you; this above all in consideration of the fact that the document size every day deals you for the supplies reduces considerable.
The processes of reception and recording of the invoices, are simplified appreciably, thanks to the diminished amount of information to deal.
The time weekly magazine esteem can be come down from 9h 17' 20 "to 1h 30' 05" (- 83,8%).

4.6.1 Possible found interferences to the reception of the invoice from the supplier: 6 phase.

The interferences that could be verified are a lot little. In reference to the payments, difficultly it is presumed can arrive not correct invoices, the time comes down to 8' 34 "(-66,6%).
Smaller relative activities to supplyings involve also one reduction of the interferences: smaller possibilities to imbattersi in problems of system or software, minors errors in dealing information, minors difficulty to find documents and the binders that can be made hard work to find endured.
That involves one reduction of the equal times to the 59.1%.

4,7 Payment of the invoice.

Also for how much it concerns the payment of the invoices more turns out all much simplified since the invoices to pay will be reduced lessened, since in an only invoice they come brought back various positions also of various suppliers.
Therefore it could be arrived to having also only 12 invoices if eventually the company of agreement with the provider decides to receive the invoice one single time to the relative month to all the materials of that period.

4.7.1 Possible found interferences in the payment of the invoice: 7 phase.

Consequently also the control of the payments turns out become simpler if problems are not taken place, the time necessary weekly magazine for this type of control in fact is reduced to 31' 30 "(-45,5%).
As far as the inconvenient legacies to the payments this are introduced more very rarely also and, when it happens, their resolution is facilitated from minor the number of information to deal and above all since there is a single subject with which dealing and not one myriad of suppliers.

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