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2.9 Control to the arrival of the goodses.

E-46. Stock and control.
Such control is executed from the assigned's of the logistic unit, which carry out of the delicate tasks much for the operation of the company.
The assigned of such unit have in fact the task to receive the goods, to control and to verify their correspondence with documents of transport and the order emitted from the unit at the same time trade them and to manage the movimentazione of warehouse and to cure the preparation of the goods in escape.
Such control is composed micro activity which going in warehouse, accepting the package, stock to control it, to sign the transport document and to return in place of job.
Once to its place the assigned must search the order contained in one of the many binders and confront the bubble, with the order and gives to you brought back in system.

E-49. Comparazione of gives to you.
The transport bubble that accompanies the goods, in fact after is controlled comes inserted in the system business software, so that any operator has the opportunity of vision and working to us over.
This will only come however recording in an appropriate binder but for fine fiscal, since all will be able to find it in system.
Also here, as for all the activities dealt subsequently, have been calculated a 5% like "dispersed time", than it is gone to add to the times finds you to the aim to maintain the more adherent times to the truth of the mean - along period.

2.9.1 Found interferences in the control of the goodses: 5 phase.

It can succeed but that as a result of such control is of the differences.
The delivered goods is wrong in the amount or the type. In this case the logistic unit has the task to control gives to you and to inform the unit trades them and administrative, of way that the first one can proceed in the comparisons of the suppliers.
The ascertainment of the wrong delivery in the amount and the type of the goods, happens through the verification of gives contained you in the order, in the invoice and in the present bubble of delivery in the system and the times necessary in order to carry out these operations they are 12' 53 "to the week.
The delivered goods, as a result of the control could also completely turn out damaged in part or.
Also in this case they come informs the assigned to you of the unit trades them - administrative, for being able to obtain the substitution of pieces.
The times necessary in order to carry out these operations are 12' 10 "to the week.
In order to characterize the goods game exactly, the order, the supplier and the carrier of reference are rerun to the control of give to you in system.


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