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2.10 Reception of the invoice from the supplier.

F-58. Control gives to you in invoice with those brought back in system.
The invoices usually come delivered from the carrier with to the goods, however the sent case in which the invoice does not lack it is differed and therefore for mail after the happened delivery of the goodses.
In a generalized manner the invoices for mail come taken and delivered to the administrative office directly, which supply to carry out one intercrossed verification: they come confronts in fact give to you to you in system with those of the invoice, of the estimates receipts and of the orders it sendes to you.
After such verification, the ends of the invoice are record to you in system, and the invoices delivered to the unit telephone exchange-secretariat for the recording.

2.10.1 Found interferences in the reception of the invoice from the supplier: 6 phase.

The control of the arrived invoices, can carry to the discovery of gives to you wrong or lacking; it can happen in fact that they give you of the arrived goods do not correspond to those demands, or can be present abrasions that prevent the clear understanding of the codes.
In this case it is proceeded informing via system the unit trades them, which it proceeds demanding the supplier king-to send all give doubts to you, and, if the necessary one, to emit one new invoice.
Interferences of this time captain of I shave, with a frequency of approximately 2% regarding the invoices arrived; in any case, the medium time necessary in order to resolve the problem piles to 8 minuteren and means to the week.

2.11 Payment of the invoice.

G-63. Preparation order of payment for the bank.
Once to the day, the assigned of the administrative unit controls the situation of the payments in expiration and subsequently he prints such list for being able more easy to prepare and to send to the bank via mail, the documents and the ends for the payment of the suppliers, dawning give to you in system.
Draft of with of operations that come carried out every day, to the aim to verify the good outcome of the payments, generally account current.
Therefore it comes contacted the bank to which the enterprise is entrusted, and comes ascertained that they are not fates problems of some type.
If problems are not taken place, the necessary time for this type of control is of 57' 45 "weeklies magazine.
After the recording in system such delivered unit to the telephone exchange and archives invoices come.

2.11.1 Found interferences in the payment of the invoices: phase 7

Also for the administrative unit interferences in the field of the activities connected with supplyings have been recorded.
it is possible that problems are taken place that prevent the execution of the payments to the suppliers; such situation can be found and fastly resolved through the controls that the administrative office predisposes every day, or can be the same bank to activate itself and to communicate the problem.
In the greater part of the times that that verification, the cause is for lead errors than transcription or of communication of the payment ends, that they can turn out mistakes to you or incomplete.
In any case, the situation is normally of simple situation, and demands little more than 17 minuteren to the week.
Other interferences can be verified as a result of I use it of the computer and system ERP, the errors of beating and the relative corrections and the problems of document search, than, in the specific case of the administration, are the invoices.
However such incidence on the carried out activities turns out low rather.
The problems and the slow down of the computer take place with one sure frequency also for the administration, occupying more than an hour to week; the errors of transcription or digit of give to you and information that come endured corrected, instead, demand approximately 47 minuteren to the week.
Much time in finding can moreover be lost invoices that they do not come immediately characterized; even if to the appearance what of insufficient importance can seem one, is enough some second ones for every dealt document in order to disperse precious minuteren for the activities of the office.
In the specific case, the dispersed time for this reason is in average of approximately 39 minuteren to the week.


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