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1.6.2 The advantages derive to you from the adoption of systems ERP.

Being integral a computer science solution that all the business functions, systems ERP concur at least potentially with every subject (), independently from the hierarchical level in which it is found, one equal visibility of the business processes.
That is possible thanks to database relational was flavored, that they allow to have a more transparent and "governabile" organization, thanks to the possibility of being able to decide in real time of the necessary and always reliable information.
With systems ERP they are avoided, therefore, regarding the traditional systems the misalignments informed to you, than they can be verified, between the several business functions.
With such system they avoid also the different of give to you according to "codifiche" that, rendered problematic, if not quite impossible the transfer of gives to you between the various applications.
An integrated informative system like that ERP, beyond concurring a "such total informative interconnection" to allow to every operator is a transparent vision of all the business processes, than the possibility to work on they give to you reliable and it aligns to you, always it affects the quality of the job and on the quality of the decisional process, lowering it is the uncertainty acclimatizes them is that relational one.
The existence of a database common and, consequently, of gives to your only and was flavored, concurs to take decisions in a context of greater certainty.
It becomes possible in fact, through opportune analyses of give, to increase the degree to you of preview of the events that will be taken place.
Applications ERP reduce the intraziendali costs of coordination and Inter business, they in particular favor:

The first one of the cited points over regards integration of the various ones is made of the chain of the value, that is the ability to the flows informed you to connect the operating organizational units, in order to improve the level of service of the company.
In such optical savings in the times and costs of transmission of the information between the organizational units are come true therefore, more not managed like isolated units, but strongly concentrated in the within of one "chain of value 11 ".
Times and costs of the decisional processes turn out kinsmen: strong integration of the strategic and operating activities concurs to improve the convergence of the contributions of the various subjects in several the decisional processes. The greater integration works them is realizable thanks to the spread of common languages and was flavored, that is to the "test ualizzazione of the processes operated to you", that more fluid communication concurs one and therefore, one greater ability to coordination between the several organizational units.
From that drift an improvement in the times of transmission of the information between the organizational units since codifies it of the information of it concurs a easyr transfer in the time and the space.
The increase of the degree of usefullness of the information and the percentage of their use: the textualization of the business processes with the spread of languages you flavored yourself, favors the production of "important" information and of easy and opportune I use; The process of division and coordination of the job is facilitated from the coordination and communication systems (e-mail, software to grupware and workflow, possibilities to realize Intranet ad hoc) often enclosed in applications ERP.
Such systems allow a simplified management of the job in team and of it they support also the creation independently from the physical positioning of the subjects, also resorting to modality of telelavoro.
The systems of planning and control are deeply influence to you from the adoption of systems ERP that improve the amount and the quality of the information available for the decisional system, availability that strongly influences also the choices of centralization/decentralization on whose presupposed they are thinks to you and realizes the organizational orders to you.
Such systems demand in all make (planning, increasing, modification/personalization) one deep collaboration between customers and technicians/planners.

1.6.3 The costs derive to you from the adoption of systems ERP.

The adoption of a system ERP is a decision much complex, that it demands a careful appraisal of the costs - benefits to it associates to you and whose definition involves the involvement of many competences that go from the directional and organizational advising for the definition of the model of business of reference, to the optimization of the choices of technological matrix.
The more critical moment of systems ERP is, that one of the "implementazione", in how much demands a total ripensamento of the business procedures, not only from the point of view of the flows informed to you, but also of their "organizational" formulation.
Demanding remarkable organizational changes, in the phase of implementazione of systems ERP often it is found to us to face strong organizational resistances.
Therefore it is necessary that there is a clear support of the business apex in the comparisons of the plan, a strong involvement of the customers, the contribution of resources and external competences and the elevated professionality of been involved the inner and external figures.
The cost of a system is extremely variable, it depends on various factors which the dimension of the society, the number of customers, the number of modules acquires and moreover the implementazione costs to you.
From market analysis us has become account that the price of the software begins them can oscillate between 8.000 and 25.000 to customer of which 70-80 % it is constituted from the Business same Process of reingegnerizzazione.
As it can be very understood although they is poured and adaptable to whichever situation and whichever type of company, the elevated cost of purchase preclude the possibility of adoption of system ERP to all those small companies and average dimension, usually to familiar character or however constituted from a limited number of associates.
These in fact also having a structure small, thanks to their dimension, still turn out however to have of large inefficiencies due just to one bad management of the information.
Such software allows in fact to a control and one management of the information in real times and fast: all the information in fact are brought back in system, the operator therefore will not have need neither to record neither to control documents in affixed binders to you, since the documents will be scanned and inserted in appropriate folders, while they give to you will be brought back in particular masks.
With such systems in fact the companies could head in fact to obtain the certification of company paperless.
For how much it concerns the speech of the certifications, the companies supported from such supplying systems could not run also the risk not to be considered characterized from the own companies customers; above all to the days ours in which all the suppliers it codifies you of the greatest and important companies must have a certification that the quality demonstrates and effectiveness of the business management.

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