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3.5.4 More effective management of the warehouse

An ulterior advantage consists then in the possibility to know the amounts and the necessities of warehouse in real time, and the course of the months and the years to know lead Time of supplying of the supplies, allowing to manage in more effective and efficient way the warehouse.
The control of the level of supplyes, entrusted to a provider external that has the visibility of the total availability of the district, it is rendered more effective, and it renders the lessening of the supplyes of emergency of the single actors possible, which can reach however to the MV.
To the inverse , the control of the relative fluctuations, from every part single company of small dimensions, is sure more risk, and above all, it is not helped from the guarantees of availabilities offered from the Virtual Warehouse.
In fact that thanks to this last every single partner has to its disposition a consistency, even if virtual, of warehouse, than otherwise would not have.
If as an example a particular type of store clerk had to be verified, extraordinary, than never it had not been preventivata, there would be an elevated probability that it is instead reperibile in the district comprensorio through the MV.
Perhaps its owner has made available it because he uses it very rarely, and therefore hopes to gain some of the profit rendering it available for other companies.
All this mechanism of rationalization but, cannot ahead be carried to compartments ponds, but holding account of the sinergic effect of a total restructure, also it graduates them, of the district structure, and to put hand to the business processes (Business Process Reengineering) 41 .

3.5.5 Elimination of the overhead managerial

The adoption of the Virtual Warehouse allows the cost reduction of management, and therefore one greater organizational efficiency.
This consequence, typical of the choices of outsourcing, door therefore to the flessibilizzazione of the corporate structure, with relative variable of the costs.
Importance strategic for the company to hold under control this type of costs.
Often in fact one does not keep accounts of the costs connected to the finding, the choice, the resupply, and in a generalized manner to all the actions of Market Intelligence. Without to speak about it wastes of time that involves these administrative praxes, than are added and more to the lacked exploitation the instruments that the ICT offers to support of the aforesaid operations.
These times of office are not free, but they come pays to you indirectly, because who takes care itself of these bureaucratic passages cannot be operating and to dedicate to tasks more high added value.
If these problems came resolved, even with the passage of the supplies to an only one outsourcer of supplyings, that it raises the acts to you from the bureaucratic relationships with the suppliers, an immediate improvement of the supplies would be had, for times and quality, but also of cost because all it is made of passive supplying would come eliminated, determining a greater efficiency of system.

3.5.6 Creation of positive externalization

The advent on our territory of industrial entities which the districts has sure determined deep changes acclimatizes them.
Often it has carried with if externalization disagreeable which the pollution or the traffic of motors vehicle.
externalization Just this last phenomenon is more of the other fruit of a management not coordinated of the supply relationships, which can contribute, with the Virtual Warehouse, to an important reduction of it wastes, with consequent benefits deriving from externalization positive.
The reduction of means used after the transport of materials and members provisions you to the inside of the positive district involves moreover other externalization, which the reduction of the atmospheric and acoustic pollution.


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