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In a period of great uncertainties and deep transformations as that one to which we are assisting today, is right that instruments innovated to you are made road in the economic scene that they facilitate is from the qualitative point of view, than quantitative, the communication and the sharing of information between economic subjects.
These instruments, that Technologies in the communication between enterprises derive from the advent of the Information and Communication, undoubtedly represent the future as far as the great part of the management activities.
In particular, as far as the function supplyings, the computer science technology has smoothed the road to the requirements of lean organization from part of the modern entrepreneur.
Requirements pushed from a market turbulence and in a generalized manner, from a shortening of the cycle of life of the product, conjunctural that, if it does not face to you ready in flexible way with an organization snella risk to compromise the activity of the economic subjects.
The crescent international competition, and the crash of our enterprises with those of Underdeveloped nations like China, our productions are putting in series difficulty.
However, in a rather developed atmosphere, in markets in phase of maturation and a lot it concentrates to you, an innovation as the Virtual Warehouse of Unitec D. can play a fundamental role.
In particular, the creation innovations like this, enjoys wide possibilities, thanks to the development of the instruments web-based of sharing of every type of acquaintance.
Moreover, with the progressive concentration of our enterprises on just Core business and with the consequent increment of market resource, all are created the presupposed ones for a system competitiveness, which demands today more than in past, of that game of square who is in the management of the daily operativity (of every extensive company), rendered possible from the instruments of the ICT.
To the base of the operation of a such approach, the entrepreneur situates itself once again. These, must remain open to the development possibilities that the technology offers and to consider of time in time the consequences of one possible organizational reconfiguration, watching not only to the immediate future, but lengthening the own horizons towards an optical of along period.
All that flavored from that spirit of challenge and farsightedness that the key of time for a new one represents sure, and more effective way than to make enterprise.

Andrea Leonelli


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