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3.5.2 Solution of the relative paradox to the reduction of the supplyes

The choice to reduce the present supplyes in warehouse, and therefore, its consistency, does not only determine of upgrades them relative costs you to the loss of sales, but a directed effect more than this manageriale choice it is given sure from the increase of the number of the transactions, with consequent increment of the relative costs of supplying, like we can see to you from the following figures:

Figure 23: Reduction of the supplyes with consequent increment of the relative costs you to supplying.
With the outsourcing of the purchase procedures, and in particular with the adoption of the solution of integrated supply offered Unitec, it is attempted to obviate to this true and just paradox. The solution is in fact in finding a point of equilibrium between the minimal level of supplyes, determined based on the business necessities, and the number and the cost of supplyings (figure 24).

Figure 24: Point of equilibrium between minimal supplyes and costs of supplying.

3.5.3 Lessening of the supplying costs

However, an important facilitation to the solution of the problem of the relative paradox to supplying of supplyes, comes from the cost reduction supplying, and from the relative flatten of the curve, determined from the solution that provider of services of supplying like Unitec, they offer.
The Virtual Warehouse consists in the grouping more subjects with the effect to create one risen of partnership of purchase.
Therefore it renders the creation of advantages of cost of supplying possible deriving from buyer aggregation, that is is possible to define to advantage of partnership the conditions which price, amount, times, quality of the supply, than to the buying small they were not allowed.
This idea, already contained in the solution of integrated supply that I have described in the within of the outsourcing procedural, allows therefore to multiply the advantages of the innovative idea of Virtual Warehouse.


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