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3.5 Advantages

The benefits deriving from the adoption of the Virtual Warehouse are multiple, and they can be led back mainly to two macroinsiemi: the first one regards a management of the supplyes more efficient thanks to the various advantages of cost deriving from the solution, while the second is riconducibile to the better managerial effectiveness.
Of continuation I will go to describe every advantage deriving from this innovative solution.

3.5.1 Reduction of the supplyes, and the relati to you costs of warehouse

The reduction of the supplyes of members or materials is sure the first and more immediate ricavabile advantage from the adoption of the Virtual Warehouse.
As I have already asserted, the physical sharing of material immobilizations of warehouse allows, nearly paradoxicalally, the secondary virtualizzazione of the consistencies of raw materials, parts, materials or members, playing an important role for the business efficiency.
The reduction of understood them immobilized will carry therefore to a better equilibrium, thanks to the possibility of financial lessening of the cover of requirementses with sources to medium-along term, and therefore conferring to the corporate structure, one important note of flexibility.
The supplyes involve of the operating costs: the optimization of the supplyes in warehouse is based on the elimination of the emergency supplyes, than in the greater part of an exercise they do not come used, but however stopped in order to make forehead to unexpected peaks of question.
As soon as junior clerk, the Virtual Warehouse, involves a lessening of the supplyes that Unitec quantifies in 20% approximately and it does not exclude a greater percentage later on, when it comes applied a greater control on the supplyes.
The lessening of the supplyes ago yes that the same costs of storing (energetic rent local, costs, emergency) can be reduced, above all if the reduction of the supplyes is meaningful 40 .
Through the Virtual Warehouse, it is therefore possible to catch up the last aim of all the political of Inventory Management, that is the reduction of the consistencies of warehouse without to compromise of the availability.
The innovation is in the fact that, the two requirements, apparently inconciliabili, yields come both possible thanks to the concept of virtual brought from the ICT.
In figure 19 they are represents the levels of cost acceptable minimums to you for one effective and efficient management of the supplyes:

Figure 19: Level of optimal service.

The diagram represents the costs minimums to support in order to obtain a level of optimal service (optimal service).
This last one in fact would come compromise in the case in which the connected costs are wanted to be reduced in excessive way to the management of the warehouse (blue line), without to safeguard the market question totally, are from the quantitative point of view that qualitative.
The level of optimal service is only assured when the decreasing curve of the aforesaid costs is met with the increasing line of the losses upgrades them due to the disservizio, which increases diminishing of the warehouse consistencies.
The point of optimal service allows therefore to catch up the last aim of the Inventory Manager, diminishing the costs totals.
The virtual warehouse involves one reduction of both critical costs us.
The costs which had to upgrade them losses of orders diminish since, yielding to provider external a management of the supplyes, let alone the same consistencies of warehouse, lessening of the incidence of these will be assisted to one on the result negative which had to a level of not optimal service.
It will be had therefore a total flatten of these costs upgrades them (figure 20).

Figure 20: flatten of the curve of the relative costs you to upgrades them lacked sales

Moreover, reducing more or less considerably the consistencies than warehouse as a result of the esternalizzazione of the function, will have one proporziona them relative cost reduction you, as we can see from figure 21.

Figure 21: Cost reduction of warehouse.

The result that we will obtain from the combination of the two phenomenon therefore is represented in figure 22, from which he turns out obvious the lowering and the movement towards right of the curve of the costs totals:

Figure 22: Evolution of the level of optimal service and the relative costs you to the losses upgrades them.


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