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The economic and social scenes of end to the century are determining in the enterprises of all the world a deep organizational and managerial review of which it is necessary to take action for being able to adapt themselves and "to take advantage of" the effects, than could be found of wide capacity.

In last the forty years also the Italian economic system has been therefore characterized from deep processes of restructure in the business organizational configurations, in the productive structures, the processes of working and the relations between enterprises.

Until the years the sixty and seventy market it was in strong expansion and for the companies the strategic factor was in the ability to answer to the high question with sufficient amount.
It has been begun to doubt of the validity of such productive, organized system according to rigid criteria and hierarchical, in years ' 80, that is when the markets by now were saturate and the consumers did not please themselves more than produced "generic", but they expected produced the most possible supporters with their requirements, in a word "personalizes to you".

In those years therefore one assisted to the passage from companies many vertical to the pushed terziarizations.
The enterprises slimmed in fact their structure, having like reference model the lean production ¹.
Of it achieved the necessity to learn to manage the relationships with the new productive units, than they were found more and more frequently to the outside of the company (sub-suppliers²) and having therefore to not only diffuse the culture of the quality total to the inside but also to the outside, towards that is the sub-suppliers.
This new way to see the "system enterprise", implied a change in the subdivision of the tasks, the enterprises began in fact to entrust determined activities to other companies, "taking advantage of" to full load the specialization and experience of these last ones and being able to concentrate itself completely therefore on "Core business³".

To entrust determined duties to specialized enterprises, means a cost reduction for the yielding company, since companies that systematically carry out that activity will develop sure it better than who ago occasionally.

The companies, to the days ours, are obliged to create an endowed product of good quality and to offer it to a good price since the competition by now has been strengthened in all the fields.
In the last decade in fact unsurmountable considered barriers have fallen once, allowing therefore to the enterprises of the emerged countries of the Far East (Korea, China, Malesya), of the East Europe and South America of valid like concurrent of the Italian enterprises.

In such highly competitive context the enterprises are, therefore, calls to face radical and unexpected changes in a climate dominated from deep uncertainty.
The ability to redesign the production processes and the organizational architecture and the ability to renew just the patrimony of acquaintances becomes the fundamental elements in order to achieve a support competitive advantage.

To such aim, an instrument of last generation, than already many companies uses, is integrated supply 4 , that not particular critic allows they to transfer to the outside the activity of supplying of those assets or for which the enterprises does not decide of the necessary technical competences.
A new strategic approach derives some therefore, with which the enterprises they face the purchases.
The concentration of the investments and the organizational efforts on the activities that the enterprise carries out better of the contenders, concurs in fact, to guarantee rendering greater from the employment of the own resources.

Strengthening the own distinguish competences the enterprise elevates barriers in order protect the competitive advantage from risks of erosion from part of puts into effect them or new concurrent.
The other side to transfer activity to suppliers specializes means to you to benefit of the investments, of the innovative abilities, the particular abilities of other enterprises, without having to face the costs necessary in order to adapt themselves to the competition.


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