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3.2 The activity of Unitec.

The mission of Unitec GmbH can be outlined in the phrase that follows: "To transform the fixed costs in variable and reduce. To supply means for the reingegnerizzazione of the supplying procedures.
To support the business continuous improvement and the Quality Management. To generate from every cost a added value.
To render the customers free to dedicate itself totally and calmly to just Core Business " 20 .
Such it objects to you come caught up "Reducing the number of suppliers, managing them and training them.
Integrating the supplies so that "a" delivery replaces hundred of arrivals, controls and operations to your warehouse.
And therefore invoicing "a" time to the month instead of more times.
Joining currencies, the terms and the number of the payments to the suppliers.
All these thanks to persons prepared and the computer science technology, interconnecting in fact our customers with junior clerks to you Internet (NetSourcing) and available 24 hours on the 24 in all languages and from whichever part of world " 21 . That reassumes the concepts already illustrates you that they are to the base of the outsourcing of supplyings and the e-procurement.
The development of the concept of outsourcing for Unitec, has clearly of the different tipology of coming from demands from the customers, whose diversities go above all searched in the contexts and the terms of competition with which they must be confronted.
Just in order to try to answer in the preciser and directed way how much possible one to the demanded specificities, Unitec has developed the idea to personalize the own services, in the first place distinguishing the outsourcing in "procedural" and "administrative", and then structuring them through NetSourcing, the computer science instrument of Unitec.

3.3 The outsourcing "procedural".

The outsourcing "procedural", it has like objective primary that one to render the operating costs of the supplies most flexible possible.
From they give to you in possession of Unitec, turns out that one normal procedure of supplying not less demands than 50/60 concatenate operations, that they can succeed in to be involved until also to a ten of business agencies of several levels, from the direction to the productive units, for a number of persons who medium go around themselves between the ten and twenty units.
As already previously pointed out these procedures they thus turn out to be expensive - in terms of business resources - why uses to you is for assets that contribute in directed way to the produced added value from the enterprise, it is for assets that, but indispensable, are marginal regarding Core business - tasks as an example, to one supply of neon or light bulbs: in this case we speak about "non-production goods".
The every outline of single procedure, and the appraisal of the been involved resources, renders endured the idea of how much expensive one is to provision.
Unitec, offers just the support in order to analyze such processes of supply, and to redesign the flows of the connected activities.
The outsourcing procedural it is after all an application of the outsourcing of base, characterized, exactly, from the esternalizzazione of a not strategic activity, whose control remains but inner to the enterprise.
The effect of greater added value, like saying, derives in great part from the flessibilizzazione of the costs: the performances of Unitec are sources of costs for the enterprise when they are demanded and for more, are only easy monitorable in every moment.
To transfer the management of the supplies to Unitec, than of such activity has made the own specialization, means to resort to external resources in order to elevate the performances of those inner ones, the whose objective and final result, are that one to improve efficiency of the enterprise through the discouragement of wastes and the best one I use of the resources.


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