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In order to render the reading easyr than this understood i think it necessary to make one distinction.
The supplying process represents only the conclusion of the widest phase than purchase.
Unitec, already from various years operates in the performance of supplying services, placing itself like provider of the same ones and encouraging the outsourcing of the same ones.
Its role therefore is rendered more important from the tendency, in the choices of Make or Buy, to the marcket resource (Buy) and therefore to the purchase.
Purchase that, exactly, sfocia in the supplying process, which in its turn it can be delegated to a subject third like Unitec, whose activities therefore, excused the play on words, gush from a outsourcing in the outsourcing.

I have already spoken previously, of the redefinition of the inner relationships of the supply chain, as a result of the advent of the Information and Comunication Technology.
The technological innovation has answered substantially to the organizational requirements of the companies, which more and more follows the road of the organizational flessibilizzazione, and has worked therefore from support towards the progressive virtual of the business activities.
It is from emphasizing like, in literature, the appraisals with respect to I use of a virtual system are carried out mainly on the scale of the flexibility: temporary of the relationships and speeds of reconfiguration are object it more invocati from who analyze the transitions to you of the companies towards the virtual; in truth but these elements, and the flexibility in a generalized manner, while they can be considers you of the scopes, would not have to be used like term of comparison of the virtual systems against the real systems: the flexibility increment in fact is intrinsically comprised in the concept of virtual 29 .
The already present enterprises on the market are threatened moreover, not only from the traditional competition but also from new entering, facilitate to you from accessibility of the markets, from reperibili products and substitutive services on a become market wider, the increased one to be able contractual of the purchasers, that they decide of a greater possibility of choice, and the suppliers who enjoy markets of outlet theoretically without limits in order to reduce the dependency from the traditional customers.
Of it they achieve new challenges for the enterprises, forced to improve the ability to compete through the strengthening of the own economic and operating structure, the price cutting (and consequently also of the purchase budgets), the quality and functionality of the products.
The fixed cost reduction involves, on one side, the control of the total dimension of the companies, eliminating those structures (human resources and assets orchestrate them) that they are not directly in relation with Core business or the maintenance of the know how, and, from the other, the acquisition from the outside of the goods and services previously produced to the inside.
The organization model that derives some is that one of an organization snella of the goods and services previously produced to the inside and in which, of fact, the processes of business of the company come extended to the outside, rendered accessible from part of thirds party, and conditions in turns out to you to you from the performances of the suppliers.
This new organizational model needs of integrated instruments of coordination, that they facilitate the collaboration in medio/lungo the term between the subject insides to the supply chain.
Instruments on which there are stop to you in understood it the 2 of my search, and that they complete with of input of which we have need in order to succeed in to describe the case of a company that supplies logistic services and of supplying to the own customers, and facilitates outsourcing and the variable of the business costs: the case Unitec D.
Unitec D (High Tech Industrieprodukte Vertriebs GmbH), is an enterprise to limited liability, with center to Augsburg (Germany), been born to the end of years ' 80 on initiative of the Italian entrepreneur Marino Vincenzo, that it had matured important experiences in the within of the field of the great systems of automation for the construction of motors vehicle to world-wide level.
Such working experience, carried it to characterize all a series of operating deficiencies and managerial in the logistics and supplyings in those companies that they began to tighten new relations trade them with enterprises situated in geographically distant markets.
Problematic the showiest one than such deficiencies, concerned in fact the fragmentation of the supplies and nearly the impossibility to coordinate supplyings also under a temporal point of view. Unitec, realized therefore new services, to high added value, that they turned out of extreme importance for such companies.
Nacque therefore the concept of integrated supply, through which it allowed to the companies customers to delegate the supplying activities therefore traditionally to obtain the supplies with more effective and efficient modalities regarding the methods uses you. The company therefore supports the choices of outsourcing from part of the own customers, managing the relationships with these through the situated Netsourcing.
Moreover, always this company, thanks to the experience matured in the years in the predisposition of supplying services, have developed innovative solutions like that one of virtual Warehouse, about which I will speak later on.
Currently, the markets of reference of UNITEC, are not only expanded in European within, thanks also of the Only Market that has favorite is the free circulation of the goodses that a reduction of risks connected to the exchange rates with the introduction of the Euro, but also in international within, where persist still objective difficulties for the enterprises pertaining to the various Countries, held account of the various languages not still totally was flavored.


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