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2.5.5 Trend works them of the portals

Of continuation I will go therefore to describe to the characteristics key that go asserting, and that they render corporate portal one effective instrument of management of the supply relationships:

  1. Emergency and external access

    The need of emergency of gives publishes to you to you has grown remarkablly with the increase of the within of application of the solutions of management of the Supply Chain from the Inter business borders to the partner of the row through Internet.
    The flow of acquaintances and information that passes through the several partner must in fact sure being and protect in its traffic and use, from those who of they are strangers and, at the same time its total is necessary visibility for the subjects of the row that need of give to you sure and immediate.
    The objective of the emergency of the contained information in the portals is to reduce the risk of losses to the intruder, put out of order, abuse and swindle of gives to you present in the systems of management Inter-firm.
    Therefore, when the portals are used, like gateway to the relative information to the company, they are necessary instruments of access that they include means of emergency like the identification and the authentication of the subject and/or the control of its acts. The technologies of transfer of give to you from a private net to an external partner, in order protect the information in the moment in which it crosses the freenet and to diminish the risk of interception and access without authorization of the transferred data, ago use of the so-called the firewalls, that is instruments that allow to approach give inner business to the subjects only authorize to you.

  2. Attainment of the hoped performance

    In the planning of a new product, especially if of complex nature and to high technological content, a great mass of information is generated from the use of simulation instruments, of attendance in design (CAD), several documentations, that they demand important infrastructural investments from interested part of the partner to the final product development.
    The portals that they make from interface these systems, must therefore be predisposed in order to facilitate the transfer of numerous and complex information, without to reduce therefore the system performance.
    To second of the different ability to the actors of the supply chain therefore, the information that allow the collaboration come shared in kind, via fax, email, through the simple ftp (File Transfer Protocol), or through the access to database common.
    The advanced organizations more use however more it modernizes systems to you than networking, also in the marketplace, where they can transfer enormous quantitative you fastly of give to you.
    Often but in the collaboration with the small partner one is found incompatible to infrastructural level. Therefore, in the moment of the choice of partner for the planning and the development of new products, they are from holding in consideration the respective electronic abilities to networking and interaction, since a substantial disparity between the actors in game, would affect in ways negative the system performance.

  3. Operability and integration of the applications

    To the inside of the organizations that make ICT use, it has been found that a company uses five or more inner applications than supply chain and only 4% are resupplied from the same producer and use only one type of application.
    Two characteristics of every emergent technology are always the sparsity of standard and the fast variation of the functionalities, and this is true also for the industry of the portal.
    However, in the models collaborated you of management of the supply chain it is of vital importance the use of instruments standard. These can easy be take advantage of thanks to you to the technological standards presents in Internet.
    In fact, standards like HTML and XML, to the contrary of the EDI systems, do not demand an only one and common format of gives to you, but they are predisposed in order to support a wide range of type of rows.

  4. Ability to multimedial communication to the inside of the chain

    Beyond to the technological problems that can offend the effective operation of the portal, are from taking in consideration the human factor and with of not technological members, I am decided you for the creation of acquaintances.
    The collaboration model of management of the supply chain, in fact, demands very more of the simple sharing of codified information. The collaboration demands a continuous game of square put into effect from team multifunction and Inter business for the transfer also of the tacit acquaintances.
    In the systems of job collaborated to you it bases on the use of electronic instruments (Supportive Computer to you Work Cooperatives), remains however difficult to make not oral feelings, intuitions, messages and great part of the tacit acquaintances.
    Only when several the subjects have to technological average dispositions that allow the sharing of this tacit patrimony, the Corporate Portal for the management of the interactive relationships, can allow to an exchange of information and one you communication to 360 degrees.
    It is for that instruments like the video conference, are finding more and more space to the inside of these systems of management.

Figure 15: Future functionality of the portals based on the emergent requirements

Emergent requirements in the collaboration of Supply Chain

Functionality of the portals

Emergency and external access

Facilitation of the access for the partner external

Emergency and protection from the subject strangers

Performance (premise the infrastructural compatibility of the partner)

Instruments of collaboration in phase of planning and development of new products

Transmission of gives you of several dimensions, through more methods


Operability and integration of the applications

I use of present standards in Internet (HTML, XML...)

Increment of the connect with other systems thanks to the portlet

Multimedial communication

Sharing of the tacit and not codified acquaintances

Instruments of communication highly interatti to you

Support of multimediali solutions


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