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2.1 Definition and ambles you of application

The digital technologies represent them one important opportunity for all the corporate structure.
In particular a function that can draw remarkable benefits in terms of rationalization of the own resources and discouragement of the costs is the function acquires.
This above all if we consider that the Electronic Procurement, that is the use of Internet and its junior clerks to you in the supplying process, has concurred to realize in the great part of the companies that puts into effect it in constant way, a lessening of the costs in average that goes from 8% to 12% on the total of the purchases in the enterprises of great dimensions, while in those of piccole/medie dimensions the medium saving turns out of 5% approximately.
Even if the benefits are not resolved in the single greater efficiency of the supplying process, however it can represent one decisive source of competitive advantage for the enterprise.
That has been begun to understand sin from years ' 70, when first systems EDI (Electronic Delivery of Invoice were developed in the companies of great dimensions), that they allowed the treatment of elevates to you quantitati you of give to you with greater facility.
The E-Procurement can change the means with which the enterprise it can provision and facilitate it, but however does not change the methods that this uses in order to resupply itself of the materials of which it needs.
The enterprises continue to having need to examine the market in order to obtain the more congenital products and services to it.
Like from script, they must analyze their markets, the inner question, estimate the own expense and negotiate new agreements with the suppliers.
The E-Procurement does not interest the single conclusion of the transaction trades them (supplying), but I use it of the Internet-based instruments you turn to the improvement of the efficiency and of the effectiveness of supplyings it is also useful in the definition of the phase of product development and of the successive production (figure 9).

Figure 9: It ambles you of application of E-Procurement 13

The e-procurement, being a transposition in net of the modalities of management of the processes of supplying and the relations with the suppliers, it allows the much coveted one global sourcing, that is renders the interconnection practicable electronic customer-supplier in extensive and efficient way.
Moreover it increases the operability to the small and averages enterprises and concurs the simplification of the processes trained to you and treasury 14 .


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