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1.7 Make and Buy and Partnership

In our considerations on the entrepreneurial choices of externalization or less a business activity and on the respective reasons, we have placed the enterprise in front of an only crossroad, describing two sun possible options, that is the choice of internalizzazione of the business activities, resorting to the hierarchical organization (Make), or the resource MArket through outsourcing of procedures or the functions (Buy).
In the supplying process we have spoken about outsourcing above all as far as the raw materials not strategic ones for the business activity.
However the entrepreneur, only putting into effect of the transactions spot for supplying of indirect assets, and benefitting of the single advantages of the Internet Exchange (that we will see in the next chapter), would not succeed sufficiently to render the corporate a slim structure from being able to make forehead the market turbulences.
With the increase of the markets the abilities to differentiation of just can play moreover a fundamental role product/service, rendered still more work them from a specialization of the economic actors of a determined field, which allows a more effective garrison than all the technologies and competences.
The progressive concentration on the Cores competence demands therefore a relationship the most possible almost exclusive collaboration and with the strategic suppliers for the enterprise activity, which offers an important contribution to the ends of the creation of the competitive advantage of the customers.

Figure 8: Make + Buy 12 .

It becomes therefore of fundamental importance for the competitiveness of the enterprises of a determined field to manage the own chain of supply in collaborativa way, taking advantage of the created synergies is with the economic actors places to mount that with the customers to goes them.
They exist therefore of the true and own conditions that make yes that the management of the supply chain turns out efficient and effective in strategic key for the present actors in the supply chain:


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