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1.5 Towards the outsourcing: the Web and the costs of transaction

As I have already pointed out previously, the advent of Internet, and in a generalized manner of the ICT, has carried to the discouragement of all those costs that come supported in order to eliminate, or at least to reduce the indeterminatezza margins, difficult connected to the not perfect operation of the market.
The progresses of the electronic technologies continue to compress the cost of the transactions connected with the outsourcing; therefore, an always greater number of enterprises will have the possibility to yield to thirds party the execution of great part of the not fundamental activities that currently it carries out to its inside 5 .
However, it is from specifying that even if it is approached to us more regarding the traditional channels to a perfect market, Internet does not create all the implicit conditions of the perfect competition described from Kuttner: The Internet is nearly to perfect market because information is istantaneus and buyers can appears the offering of sellers worldwide. Price The result is fierce competition, dwindling differentiation, and vanishing brand loyalty 6 .
The web however it has contributed to the drastic lowering of the transaction costs, between which:

If the transaction costs are elevate to you, the Marketresource becomes not advisable, and as Coase, the enterprise like hierarchical structure of commando asserted or, it allows to organize, with greater efficiency regarding the market, the relations of exchange between subjects 7 .
However the hierarchical organization has its deficiencies, in fact it includes of the inner costs, between which the redesign and control costs, than in the overdimensioned structures generate of the diseconomie and orient therefore the entrepreneur towards the market solution. Solution that is rendered sure more efficient, for the reasons that I have hardly illustrated, from the Web technologies.
It is necessary therefore, it is for the company that of it have us of, than for that to the contrary not of ago use, to estimate and to analyze the opportunities that the Information and Communication Technology offers, in order to take in consideration the glares and upgrades them advantages that Market resource and to the outsourcing would determine in terms of efficiency.
All that, above all in the especially in which the costs of transaction they turn out smaller to the costs of inner organization of the enterprise in consideration (figure 5), attributable to the trend generated from the impact of the web on the enterprise, influencing it towards the esternalizzazione choices.

Figure 5: Impact of the costs of transaction in the organizational choices of the enterprise.


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