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1.4.2 Costs of coordination with external actors and necessity of direct garrison of the production

In the appraisal of the analyses of make or buy the strategic of the process plays a decisive role sure to externalization.
In our case the supplying process will be able to above all need of particular attention in the case features of assets that enter in way directed in the production process, therefore various from the so-called the MRO (Materials, Repair and Operation Goods) that is from the members who do not enter to make part of the end product.
They can be considered therefore of flat second, regarding the analysis of strategic functionality of supplying, the analyses of efficiency of the process.
These, even if subordinated to first, play however an important role in the choices of make or buy, encouraging the choice to resort Market in the case in which the costs of coordination with external actors they are not too much elevates (figure to you 4).

Figure 4: Incidence of the external costs and the necessity of garrison directed in the choices of Make or Buy

The Information Technology in the last years has facilitated by far regarding the past the comunications between enterprises partner, facilitating the creation of organizational synergies between the subject insides to the productive row.
Through the virtualizzazione of the time and the space it is in fact easier to increase the own horizons and to establish, also to total level, relationships of collaboration with the own direct suppliers.
Instruments loads the systems of Enterprise Resource Planning, or the Corporate Portal determines therefore the possibility of widening of the business borders, allowing one effective organization at the same time.

1.4.3 Predisposition to the automatic reorganization

Together to the necessity of the presence on the market of operating sufficiently valid, professional and it specializes to you, that they guarantee a efficient accomplishment of the function to externalization, exist of the entrepreneurial subjective conditions, that they prescind from with of objective members as soon as described.
The esternalizzazione of processes or functions, demands in fact from part of the entrepreneur, the overcoming of those psychological impediments that carry to centralize in the hands of the subject with of not strategic activities, generating diseconomie and inefficiency.
The autoridimensionamento, represents often one too much painful choice for the entrepreneur, which it stretches sopravvalutare the own abilities, prepreferring a short-sighted optical of short period.

  • Notes 4: G. Thorn, Management of the Sypply Chain and Web Economy, Milan Polytechnic


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