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QUALITY COLLEGE CNRA Palermo in January - the new frontiers of the enterprise -

The Quality College of the National Research Council of Palermo organizes to January, from the 26 to the 30, the course of manageriale formation on " Quality, sostenibilitÓ, finance and communication: the frontiers dell enterprise of XXI the century "in collaboration with l university Mouthfuls; the Cnr offers one free scholarship of the value of 1500 euro "Vat for the participation of a reader of Courier Job.
With Francesco Giavazzi , editorialista of the Courier of the Evening, that the free competition like motor will speak de "about quality ", will take part Gaspare Borsellino , director dell agency of Italpress press, Enzo Marino, general manager of the Unitec, and the responsible dell Observatory of the climate dell Institute of biometeorology of the Cnr of Florence, Francesco Meneguzzo .
The complete program of the course to closed number of 13 persons is available on the situated one
To send, within 30 November, the questions of registration enclosing cutting of "Courier the Job" to: Quality college Cnr, via U. the Malfa 153, Palermo; email, tel. 091.680.9370.

Member of DIN ISO 9001 Unitec