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Solutions - zero cost outsourcing
It is the first of the three outsourcing steps.
The following answers to this question explain how your purchasing activities will be effectively supported:
  • It is a chance to get better prices using the relations that Unitec has established with 3500 suppliers (both domestic and international) over 11 years.
  • It is a chance to request any product from one addressee only (if the product is not known, Unitec will look for it throughout the world for its customer).
  • It is a chance to have the assistance of a PROBLEM SOLVER with international knowledge.
  • It is a chance to solve language and relation problems with foreign suppliers.
  • It is a chance to reduce the number of occasional suppliers.
  • It is a chance to receive support for the search of unknown suppliers.
  • It is a chance to create a private data base which can be consulted via Internet.
  • It is a chance to get started in the e-procurement with ease, with as much time as really needed and in the most compatible ways.
Consolidation of activities
  • In a conventional way, just by sending Unitec normal, standard inquiries.
  • By receiving from Unitec offers - even integrated, i.e.: one offer vs. more inquiries - containing all the necessary commercial information (price, delivery term, transportation etc.).
  • By issuing orders which may refer to more offers.
  • By receiving integrated supplies which may contain whatever has been requested with more orders.
  • By paying one monthly invoice only for all the deliveries that have been performed.
Immediate advantages of ZERO COST OUTSOURCING:
  • Free integration service.
  • Reduction of purchase prices.
  • Drastic reduction of documents.
  • Drastic reduction of number of payments.
  • Creation of a data base that may be consulted via Internet.
  • Free start on the set-up of a private site quite comparable to NetSourcing.
  • Possibility of having cost estimates, on-line as well.
  • On-line Assistance Service and Hot Line.
Further Advantages of ZERO COST OUTSOURCING:
  • The introduction of an "INTEGRATED SUPPLIER" and "Problem Solver" for the technical, purchase, production and maintenance departments.
  • Smooth start on e-procurment in outsourcing.
  • Being able to reduce and measure logistics and procurement handling costs.
  • Being able to concentrate on essential and important things (purchases).
  • Being able to start a process re-engineering by seeing its effects and with tangible terms of comparison.
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