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Press News
Press news - from 41 to 50
papermoon news "Papermoon News"
UNITEC, surveys and outskirtses.

Dizionario dell'Economia Digitale "Dizionario dell'Economia Digitale"
UNITEC co-autor of the "Dictionary of the Digital Economy" published by "Sole 24 Ore"

outsourcing-journal ""
The Tie to Optimizing Purchasing

Praxa news "Praxa news"
The exchange of assets for information

Praxa news "Praxa news"
The district has a Virtual Warehouse ""
"The Unitec D GmbH case" - part two ""
"The Unitec D GmbH case" - part one ""
"E-Procurement Evolving in Europe"

Latina Oggi "Latina Oggi"
"Equal, arrives 5 billions"

Camera di Commercio di Mantova Camera di Commercio di Mantova
"Relationship on the Logistics" by G. Corò / Z. D'Agostino

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