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How we do it
  • By studying with our customer the best operating and information technology solutions.
  • By reducing the number of suppliers and by handling them.
  • By locating and handling hundreds of operating draw-backs that arise during the various working phases.
  • By invoicing once a month rather than thousands of times, by unifying currencies, payment terms and number of payments to suppliers.
  • By avoiding that isolated events should be handled as standard procedures.
  • By organizing our clients' logistics and reducing their transportation costs.
  • By integrating the supplies so that one delivery can substitute hundreds of arrivals, with their related controls and warehouse operations.
  • By using the most modern communication technologies so that the use of the telephone becomes almost unnecessary.
  • By interconnecting our clients' departments and plants with low-cost internet applications available 24 hours a day in every language and from anywhere in the world.
  • By eliminating language barriers and the need of translations as our staff is multilingual.
  • By proportioning the expenditure to the output.
  • By relieving from our customers the task of filing thousands of documents.
  • By giving an immediate and clear report to our customer for every inquiry, even via internet.
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Member of DIN ISO 9001 Unitec