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What advantages does this system provide ? In these days major companies are forced to analyse their economic situation and administrative expenses very closely. Irrespective of the number of orders placed, on the average, administrative expenses, such as working hours spent, expenses for office supplies and equipment, and other general administrative costs lie between 400 and 1200 Euros per purchase order.

Unitec can help you cut your costs dramatically.

Labor (US), or Labour (GB) costs and other administrative expenses.

  • In the purchase department: A co-ordination of enquiries and orders, and other cost, costs for translations
  • In the accounting department:one invoice transmitted for various items and their suppliers, one payment executed to one single address and less payment reminders.
  • Stock and Inventory Department: one single note of delivery saves administrative costs while receiving incoming merchandise.

    As a result, the entire procedure for the administrative processing of fewer parameters; such as order numbers, invoices, manufacturers, etc. are dealt with in a more organized and cost-efficient manner.


    Less Phone Expenses:

  • Direct: Enquiries, general follow-ups, follow-ups of delivery times)
  • Indirect: less internal phone-calls, thanks to a unique harmonized working-flow, with single forms and their parameters, and more accuracy when tracing the right contacts for your business purposes

    Operation costs:

  • Rent
  • Heating costs, electricity
  • Office equipment (Furniture, PC, computer terminals)
  • Articles of consumption (Paper and office supplies)

    Transport costs:

  • Synergy results thanks to co-ordinated transports

    Terms of payment:

  • as requested

    Labour savings for your company!

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    Member of DIN ISO 9001 Unitec