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3.4 Presupposed

I will go hour to list the that render to cover the road of the own sharing of infrastructures and information of the concept of Virtual Warehouse.

3.4.1 The industrial districts

The industrial districts, or cluster, can be defined like of the territorial concentrations, substantially of small and averages enterprises, which in virtue of the mutual relations consolidated and a favorable external atmosphere succeed to produce in efficient way and to compete on the markets, also with enterprises of greater dimensions.
In Italy they exist beyond 200 industrial districts, in which forehead to the meager dimensions of every single enterprise and to the insufficient competitiveness with the great enterprise, establishing of the synergies (to times is made) and taking advantage of the territorial concentration in order to obtain of the logistic advantages.
The Italian industrial district shape above all in the manifacturing activity, around to which legacies to the critical mass are created of the benefits, like the creation of a dependent river basin with determined competences, or the presence of institutions (schools, university) times to the specialization and the technical development of the field.
All that creates the conditions for the predisposition of an atmosphere in which the creation of acquaintances a role can play centers them in the competitiveness of the district.
Beside these absolutes advantages legacies to the cluster they often rise of inefficiencies and the diseconomie, tied above all to the logistic, administrative and structural redundancies.
The idea of Virtual Warehouse rises just like solution to these redundancies, rendering the district still more competitive.
Even if the district idea is supported from remarkable advantages, today, this true one and just motor of the economy of our Country crisis is enduring one, to cause above all of the advent of the globalization and the Information and Communication Technology.
This last one in fact has contributed in important way to the flatten of the advantages deriving from localization of the enterprises of a district, with the commercialization of the time and the space.
The district, in order to remain competitive has therefore need to enter in a total optical, have using of the advantages deriving from the ICT, transforming the localization advantages in benefits deriving from the coordination and the sharing of acquaintances, and creating a virtual district.
However, the advantages deriving from localization and the territorial concentration of the cluster allow the accomplishment of the model of Virtual Warehouse.
In this in fact, the physical element of the vicinity of the warehouses, allows to their sharing and the elimination of those redundancies that are fruit of inefficiency of the system district.


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