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1.1 Supply Chain Management, possible definitions

To second of the various points of view taken in consideration, the definitions of Supply Chain Management can be various:
the increment of economic and perceived value from part of the customer through the synchronized management of the flows of raw materials and the associated information, from supplying of the raw materials to the consumption. (B.J. LaLonde, Ohio Been University, 1996)

SCM consists in the possession the just product, in the just place, to the just price, in the just moment, the just conditions. (R. Blackwell, Ohio Been University, 1998)

integrated Management of the flows physical and informed to you between more partner than one distributive productive row. (G. Spina, Milan Polytechnic, 2002)

SCM requires to change from managing individual functions, to integrating activities into key supply chain process. The customer remains the primary focus of the project. (Lambert, Cooper)

Reading this definition can extrapolate of the concept that be of the true and own foundation on the which resist one effective management of the chain of supply:

The attention is placed to the successive stage of the process of transformation according to an optical of cutomer satisfaction that it sees the inner customer of the productive row like gravitational center of the activity of the various actors in the Supply Chain.
The customer is active part of the activity of the company, and second one logical of kanban, can contribute in important way to a efficient inner organization.
In fact, as Ohno asserted, in the assemblage of automobiles, we can conceive the production process like a withdrawal of money operation, than leaving from they goes, goes to mount in order to only take necessary pieces and single in the moment in which ce n' it is need 1 .The creation of the value to the inside of the row presupposes a game of square between several the operating economic that cannot make less than a continuous one and express exchange of information.
An instrument that allows to the exchange of information in way effective express and is the Information and Communication Technology, than through its infrastructures and innovations allow to improve the interaction of Supply Chain are from the qualitative point of view that quantitative.
In a collaboration or alliance between two or more companies, the objective can substantially be represented from the cost reduction of transaction, from the maximun of the profit, or from the inner increment of the know-how business.
Chen and have subdivided They the business acquaintance in two parts: the acquaintance of contained and the acquaintance of process.
Before she is represented from with of ability and present resources in every single area she works them, and she can include the technology, the marketing resources, the manufacturing capacity, and other acquaintances she works them.
The process acquaintance, or know-how instead, is created from efficient systems of creation and can derive from the business management based on the collaboration between enterprises, or through the accumulated experience in the development of new products.
Both types of acquaintance shared between more companies contribute however to one better management of the supply chain.The SCM introduces an interesting and innovative concept like the row competitiveness.
More and more difficult E' in fact to the day today, with the crescent competition due to the progressive increase of the markets, being competitive you to total level without a continuous game of square whom it sees as fine and principle the final consumer (you see fig.1).
In order to put into effect that the behavior of the entrepreneur is in the first place necessary, that it must necessarily renounce to part of its sovereignty and abandon an optical of short period in order to embrace the management integrated of row towards one greater efficiency of the supply chain.

Figure 1: Elementary outline of guideline to the customer of the supply chain

The integration based on the sharing of information between more enterprises door therefore to one better performance of the supply chain. This collaboration allows the acquaintances, to the engineering and the productive abilities to the supplier to constitute input for the process of creation and a development of product for the customer of chain. Direct effects of a careful management of the supply chain, can be therefore:


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