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Article code DM050B-s.u.-OOX-10x20:1
Manufacturer Brand ZAE
Description ZAE - Double worm gear unit in motor designType DM050B-s.u.-OOX-10x20:1Gear unit arrangement: Table 1a - Fig. 25Variants: OOXactual ratio: 9.75 x 19.0:1Input speed: 1500 rpmfor motor size: 71Flange diameter: 105 mm for motor shaft end: Diameter 14 x 30 mm, oil filling: Klübersynth GH6-460Primer: 2-component epoxy base RAL9110, whitePainting: withoutX =- Kaco lid glued in and additionally secured with steel lids- according to drawing no. 26-0759-M/0 Arrangement:1st stage: MD040F-1415/35-OOX-10.0:

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