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MarketPress 21/09/2000
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New target for the development of the business
Milan, 21 september 2000

The Unitec-D Society has participated, in the person of its General executive manager Vincenzo Marino, to the Convention on eProcurement and Places Market - the more innovative techniques for the tenutosi purchases through Internet to the 19/9/00 Milan. The relative participation to the Integrated Supply Chain has evidenced the necessity for the companies to pass from a traditional business hierarchy to a lean/agile organization that takes advantage of the instruments and technological contents to disposition. From the thread conductor of the Convention, Unitec-D proposes the eProcurement in Outsourcing as "fight to wastes" of time and money. The passage from the conventional cycle to the Outsourcing door the companies advantages like: variability of the fixed costs in function of the conjunctural course, convergence of all the resources business on "Core Business", the reingegnerizzazione of the processes with relative increase of the efficiency of the structures, reduction of the operating interferences rendering therefore the more reactive company to the market variations. The appraisal emphasized from Unitec-D of the savings on the costs operated to you business with the adoption of the eProcurement, is around 40%. In order to render the company more and more competitive Unitec-D it proposes other solutions like Netsourcing that concurs to emit supply orders, tracking and reporting, in real time from whichever part of the world and to whichever hour, integrated with other asset like estimates online, bubbles, warehouse, etc. Nothing more paper and conventional means of communication and in absolute emergency in how many protect from a login and password, all without additional installations using browser a standard. The participants to the Convention have appreciated the innovations proposed from Mr. Marino finding of the importance for the own companies.

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