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"Latina Oggi" 30/10/2001
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Sabaudia, obtains deep the communitarian ones

Five billions of Liras European dall`Unione for the Equal initiatives. The sum, more consisting between the sixty lavished to forehead of as many demands for financing, will arrive soon to the communal cases. The Equal initiatives are born from occupational requirements and have like obbiettivo the insertion in the world of the job of the categories more weak people.
Sabaudia, following an innovative approach completely (promoted from the city council member to the Job Salvatore Schintu in collaboration with Mimmo D' Amico) and taking advantage themselves of other partner (Common of Cerveteri, Province of Rome, Cisl di Latina, coop "29 June", "Lila", "Cirap", "Ninfea", "15 You open them" and the society "Unitec"), it has planned a net of services increases to you that, centering just the point of force on the imprenditorialit it aimed to strengthen the social economy and the services of public interest. The European Union has, therefore, recognized the validity of the plan that is proposed, finally, of inalzare the quality of the offer of the social enterprise taking part on the organizational models, criteria of certification and the formation of the managing levels.

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