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Article from "Qualitas 1998"
Quality, finance, holding and communication: The frontiers of the enterprise of the XXI century
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Opened the registrations to the course of manageriale formation of the Quality College of the CNR in program to Palermo from the 26 to the 30 to January 2004 to which the Institute of the nanostrutturati materials is lieto to announce the participation of the university professor Francesco Giavazzi .
With the great economist of the "Mouthfuls", the founder of Unitec Vincenzo Marino, the administrator of Italpress Gaspare Borsellino and the investigator of the Cnr take part to the course Francesco Meneguzzo .

The objective of the course of manageriale formation of the Quality College of the CNR is the succeeded one of the entrepreneurs, the manager and the graduated young people that they attend it through a radical increase of the productivity and the quality of the products and the services of the enterprises for which they work, rendering them also organizations sostenibili that use in strategic way the communication and the new technologies of the information.
In concrete, and with the contribution of great relatori of every part of Italy, the course standard continuously to cause, to support and to improve the quality of the productive organizations and the persons who work to you making of organizations with which the persons they wish to work.

Requirement for the registration
The course is turned to entrepreneurs, manager and young people graduated and managing of Public Administration that they want to form or to improve strategic manageriali competences. The enrolled participation is sluice to the first 13 and the registration costs 1500 euro + Vat. In order to enroll itself he is sufficient to print to compile and to send the form of recording (pdf) with to the payment of the registration quota.

Format of the course
Every day from the 9 to the 17 lessons in classroom, examples, cases of study, experiments of gnp and sessions of verification of the formation in group and characterizes them.

Agenda of the course (Cnr, Palermo)
26 January, 8,30 - 9.00: recording of the participants
26-30 January, 9,00 - 17.00: Lessons and you debate yourself
The lunch and the pauses coffee are offers from the Cnr near the inner Bar-Buvette.

  • Monday, 26 January
    The Quality: Persons, enterprises and arrange
    Mario Pagliaro
  • Tuesday, 27 January
    The enterprise of XXI the century: snella, comunicativa and creative
    Mario Pagliaro with an external participation of Gaspare Borsellino (Italpress, Palermo)
  • Wednesday, 28 January
    The sostenibilit: from tie to extraordinary competitive advantage
    Mario Pagliaro with an external participation of Francesco Meneguzzo (Cnr, Florence)
  • Thursday, 29 January
    Creativity, enthusiasm, change and communication
    Mario Pagliaro with an external participation of Vincenzo Marino (Unitec, Gersthofen)
  • Friday, 30 January
    Internet and the new finance of enterprise: the revolution in the productive world
    Mario Pagliaro with an external participation of Francesco Giavazzi (University "Mouthfuls", Milan)


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