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E-procurement / E-marketplace the companies in net
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The E-Procurement , or electronic supplying, is the purchase process on Internet without uses it of paper.
The solutions of E-Procurement are systems self-service, base to you on Internet, completely automate to you that they carry to a remarkable simplification of the buying and selling process.

The E-Procurement , concurs therefore with the Companies to control and to measure just the process of purchase of products and services; that allows to integrate customers and suppliers facilitating some the communication and increasing of the efficiency.
The evolution of the e-procurement can be defined in 4 is made:
  1. Inner system of purchases - here the activities of purchase from part of the unit come carried out all acquire, and the bases are placed from which expanding the process
  2. System of direct purchase - in this phase the net of the suppliers and the company are come to an agreement, on the several ones it makes of purchase so as to to eliminate the useless times and performando therefore the same purchase.
  3. Involvement in the market - it comes developed a true one and just electronic market, the so-called '' E-Marketplace '', is be a matter of an intermediary based on the web that it joins buyers, vendors and broker, to the aim to increase the competition between the suppliers and to make to approach the same ones to public a more wide one than purchasers. Moreover the E-Marketplace often allows the management of the rates passes to you, the liquidation, the attendance customers and varies services trained to you.
  4. Collaboration - in this last phase they come connects you the processes and the inner systems of purchase to those of the propi supplying through the public Internet. In such a way it comes slimmed the search of suppliers or of materials, the orders come therefore communicate in way automatic rifle to you all without attached staff.

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