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Chamber of Commerce of Mantova
Relationship on the Logistics (extract)
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From the system of the transports to the logistic organization: spaces of strategic initiative for the productive nets of the mantovana economy

edited by

Giancarlo Cor
teacher of Regional Economy to the University of Urbino

Zeno D' Augustin
Adviser of Logistics and Innovation


George Casoni
Coordinator of the Promotion

Field Promotion of the Chamber of Commerce of Mantova

3,4 Hypothesis of virtual warehouse

The hypotheses formulated here take cue from the activity of Unitec GMBH of Augsburg, Germany (, society Italian-German who uses technologies them of digital communication mainly for the sharing of purchases and supplyings to service of great enterprises and German productive groups. However, Unitec is more and more orienting in direction of local the productive systems of Pmi and, in particular, of the industrial districts.
Through the development of the new technologies of communication, and in particular of Internet, the application of the outsourcing still widens more its potentialities. Through the particular development software the concept of virtual warehouse is born, fruit of the activity of esternalizzazione of the supplyes. In this way it is succeeded to eliminate physically is the supplyes that the warehouse, delegating to a third party that supplies, through logistic connections with the various productive systems, to supplyings upon request of the company. This allows to free one huge part of understood them immobilized, to invest in the activities of business. Generally in all the companies a warehouse is present raw materials and a warehouse you exchange again. In some industrial areas – and in particular way in the industrial districts – products come assets pertaining to the same merceologico group. In these productive poles remarkable economies could themselves be obtained sharing in organized way the resources available on the same territory. In such it ambles to you use the same technologies, the same productive systems, the same reciprocations, the same raw materials, the same maestranze and potentially the same logistics. This renders the similar warehouses much between they. Draft of one spontaneous of resources, but not co-ordinate and not organized sharing.
Such lacked organization it is due mainly to the competition of market and the lack, until today, of suitable means to render it possible. This involves the sopportazione from part of all of the same costs of structure, but in way it characterizes them. Adding all the costs of structure of the single companies a cost of area of the industrial pole is obtained.
The vincola warehouse enormous understood embezzled them to the productive investments. A warehouse from 5 billions of goods costs 1,5 billions of understood them, without to consider the management and structure costs. In consideration of such costs, like already said previously, the tendency of the last years has been that one of one strongly reduction of the supplyes, with optimal it turns out to you financial originates from the liberation of understood them to you bound but with rather serious effects collaterals and often not very it quantifies to you:

  • conditioning of the production;
  • increase managed costs you of the supplies;
  • increase costs logistic and of transport.
    In particolar way they are increases to you in way the contacts esponenziali to manage with the suppliers, but the persons who if they must some occupy are increased. The solution that some great foreign industrial groups have adopted can clear with a daily example. We imagine a condominio with ten apartments (condomini). Everyone of they conserve 1 set of 10 light bulbs of reservoir in the case becomes necessary one substitution. Therefore the stock present total in the condominio is equal to 100 light bulbs (would have to turn out clear the truth and metaphor condomini of the companies pertaining to a district or industrial pole). Every condomino it has the same series of light bulbs (the light bulbs answer to an only standard). We suppose a average cost for equal set to 50, with a all in cost of stock of 500. It is demonstrated as it is possible to reduce the understood one invested them in the stock from part of every condomino and at the same time to increase the availability of supplyes of everyone.
    "one excludes a priori that a same member breaks off itself in the same moment in various areas of the system".
    It is the same principle for which on the automobiles single spare wheel rather than four is installed one. Applying such principle to the concrete case it comes introduced the first solution to the issue of the condominio. As a result of a reunion of condominio decides that every condomino it will hold part of light bulbs (2 rather than 10) and, in necessity case, it will be able to slowly ask aid condomini for same (that is the those logistically the more easy raggiungibili neighbors and). Such solution depends at the same time on the near factor of presence sincrona of the two condomini (that is present): in so far as Internet represents already an instrument that allows to work in asynchronous way, with all the advantages that that involves.
    As a result of such ascertainment comes searched someone always present to the inside of the condominio, and that is the caretaker, to which delivering one list of all the condomini with relati to you the set of light bulbs. It, in necessity case, will capture the necessary light bulb from the apartment of the condomino that he possesses it, even if in that moment the condomino is not present, buying back it the successive day in order reintegrare the supply. This allows to an ulterior saving of costs and a optimization of the supplyes.
    But third solution is one. It is observed that every condomino it stops two light bulbs, but could anytime be importunato. The proposal is that one of esternalizzare the supplyes and to entrust them to the caretaker, than, in case of necessity and behind compensation, will carry the light bulb and it will install it. The saving of the condominio is following:
  • the ten set of light bulbs have been reduced to two set, that it wants to say a saving of 80%;
  • the supply to disposition of every condomino is doubled, passing from ten to twenty light bulbs (the supply could be reduced also to ten, to continuation of the principle cleared previously).
    Translate the metaphor in industrial terms, one has that companies pertaining to the same district industrial, interconnected and served logistically from a same one provider of services, can realize the same efficiencies, passing from the conventional management to high cost and in continuous emergency, in the participation and I use of a common virtual warehouse that it has as adhesive managerial the new systems of communication like Internet. This allows to the discouragement of the costs of warehouse structure and the consequent variabilizzazione total of the costs in function of the conjunctural course of the company, by means of outsourcing the total of the warehouse.
    Such solution is applicable also to the warehouses of raw materials laddove is present one sharing of the resources, as in the industrial districts (...)
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