What is E-Procurement?
Inviato da: H. Bone (IP registrato)
Data: 05 April 2005 18:03

I have seen a number of unclear definitions of E-Procurement some based on an organisational view of a company and others based on an operational view.
What I am looking for is a clear and unambiguous definition of E-Procurement and how it differs from other forms of outsourcing.

I have my own view but many people that I talk to have different views.....it would be very useful to clarify this basic question.

RE: What is E-Procurement?
Inviato da: Marino (IP registrato)
Data: 09 September 2005 17:50

You are right.

E-Procurement = Conventional procurement + Informations tecnologies
E-Procurement = Paperless procurement

I think that E-Procurement can be done in outsourcing but not only.

Outsourcing and E-Procurement are not sinonimous.

E-Procurement is the advanced form of conventional procurement.

E-Procurement in outsourcing give the companies more advantages (consolidation of the processes).

Please tell us more about your view.

Re: What is E-Procurement?
Inviato da: Navin (IP registrato)
Data: 26 August 2006 11:10

Hi there,
any clue where i can get info about how to design an eprocurement solution for an enterprise? Need it preety urgently.

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