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4 Analysis outsourcing of the procurement

4.3 Recommendations for action over the organization of the procurement process

From the analysis in the previous chapters the recommendation can be derived to consider the outsourcing as organization possibility also for the own procurement process.
Co-operation with a Full service service supplying company offers the possibility of mastering the high requirements before those the procurement and the stock management of most enterprises nowadays, how suppliers manager, to supply and quality secures, costs lowers.
"for each partial product and/or each service on the way to the final product suppliers must be coordinated and controlled. Many enterprises judge the number of their suppliers in the meantime as too high and thus unclear." 117
By outsourcing to the procurement of B and C-articles to a specialized service supplying company such as Unitec, the customer can the products of many manufacturers and suppliers access, must however only with a contracting party communicate.
"(...) in addition the price of B and C-products stands in no economic relation to the internal process costs, because these are often higher than the commodity value. Partially procurement costs exceed even the actual purchase price of the ordered goods." 118
The outsourcing offers thus a solution to different business procurement problems and/or weaken. In addition no large dependence or control problems belongs, since it concerns only the non-strategic need.
Nevertheless can occur in as much to problems as at the same time an entire Business Process Reengineering is usually desirable. This refers to the fact that the personnel is relieved by paging of the procurement and other activities dedicate itself can. This one should also think over it, which tasks new after persons their abilities and authority to accomplish to be supposed.
In the context of an outsourcing decision further conditions must be fulfilled, i.e. that the contracting party efficiently and reliably. Also the costs connected with the contract must be considered.
Relationship with service supplying company represents also connection, whose costs are the lower, the are stronger and longer the partnership. On the other side the contract can be also a restriction of some management decisions over future affairs.
Of this reason the possibility must exist, the conditions as per contract after some years on basis of the examination of possibly changed prices of updating quality and kind of the materials and/or the services in the contract.
Control of the prices, quality and kind of the materials and services which can be procured insisting on the market is in any case, particularly in the first partnership years, recommendable.
The selection of the correct service supplying company's and the education of an efficient co-operation under a suitable contract are crucial in the final result for a successful outsourcing of the procurement.

117 Ohl J. (2002), in:
118 Marino V.: Interview, P. xx-xxi.


This page has been automatically translate with Google from the German language.

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